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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake
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"Final Fantasy VII Remake" is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix and released globally on the PlayStation 4 platform on April 10, 2020. The first year of release is exclusively for PS4. The game is a complete remake of the original Final Fantasy VII series released on the PS platform in 1997.

Many development members who participated in the original "Final Fantasy VII" also returned to the development of this work, including Tetsuya Nomura, who served as the director and responsible for the conceptual design, the producer Yoshihan Kitase, the screenwriter Kazunari Nojima, the co-director and the screenwriter Toriyama Kiku, Music director Nobuo Uematsu and others.

Due to the huge content of the original work, the entire "Final Fantasy VII" remake plan will be split into multiple works. The first work adds a large number of expansions, and has a main line for the magic city Midgar in the prologue of the original work. It points out that the protagonist Cloud Strife, as a mercenary, cooperates with members of the ecological distortion organization called "Avalanche" to fight against the essence of absorbing planetary life. Energy has great power. The giant company "Shinra". The game combines elements such as real-time combat, strategy and traditional RPG.

The plan was officially released in 2015. It was originally scheduled for sale on March 3, 2020, and was slightly postponed to April 10, 2020. Its graphics, gameplay, storyline, and music have received universal acclaim. It is loyal to the original plot. "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is one of the fastest-selling games on the PlayStation 4 platform. The volume and number of the physical version of the game three days before the release The total number of editions sold exceeds 3.5 million copies.

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The development team put a lot of effort into the plot script, so that the remake does not look too nostalgic. They also need to decide what can be inherited from the original version during the development process and what adjustments need to be made due to changes in social norms since the original version was released. Although there is already a story that can greatly simplify some aspects of production, Nojima Kazusei still created new story materials. The plot script of the first part was completed in December 2015. In terms of dubbing, the original plan was for the voice actors in the movie "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" to replay roles. In the end, the English dubbing of the role chose to re-select the actor dubbing. According to Kitase Kafan, choosing a new generation of voice for the character is a remake as part of the rebirth of the game. The voice actors in Japan remain unchanged. Takahiro Sakurai was surprised by this young Crowder's style because they were not dubbed in the original game.

Nojima worked hard to make Cloud's interaction with Tifa and Barrett natural. Despite worrying about the end result, Nojima Kazunori hopes that the player can establish a connection with the character again. Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi pointed out that since in the original game, players can choose to "date" Claude with a team member, he hopes that the remastered version can give this possibility again in the form of an intimate dialogue. Due to the special relationship between Crowder and Tifa and Alice, the development team observed that fans thought Square would prefer these two heroines. In the past, Square said that Alice may be the real protagonist of the game, and Tifa is very important to help the development of Claude's character. For this reason, Square said that both Alice and Tifa will be the heroines in the remake. In addition to focusing on the original characters, Square also decided to add new members to deepen the story world.

As mentioned above, the original design of Crowder in the remake was very different from the original design, but later changes were made to bring it closer to Nomura Tetsuya's original concept. In the climax of the remake, Claude met his enemy Sephiroth, who did not fight the player at this time in the original game. Kitase Kafan believes that he is the most powerful opponent in the legend. The developers wrote Sephiroth into the story in the remake of the script to enhance the tension of the story, just like Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie The same in "Jaws".

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