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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 76.55MB Version: 3.87.1
Updated: February 26, 2021 Developer : Evony LLC


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Evony is a massively multiplayer online strategy game.

In the game, you need to build your own city. Train your own troops. Solve many puzzles. Expand and grow your empire. Become king of 7 kingdoms!

The game has a rich and amazing feature set, choose from 7 civilizations to customize the architectural style of the game: America, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, Arabia and Japan!

Join powerful alliances where you can make friends, communicate in real time via voice and text through automatic translation to improve strategy and win epic battles.

The game features player-versus-player gameplay with the ability to attack a city where another player is located, making it nearly impossible for players who have not yet formed or joined an alliance to survive. It also allows players to control up to ten cities by gaining titles. To earn titles, certain rankings are necessary. Titles and ranks are earned by using in-game coins to earn medals to buy medal boxes, attack valleys or win medal boxes by spinning the wheel.

The game also features two different currency systems. The in-game currency system revolves around gold. Gold can be obtained by completing quests, taxing the city population and attacking NPCs. It is also possible to sell resources for gold on the market or trade resources with other players within the player's gold alliance. Players can also use real money to buy game coins and purchase items and resources from the game store!

Ready to become the king of 7 kingdoms? Join with your friends!

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How to play

Playing the role of a lord or lady of a city or alliance.

The game gives you "beginner's protection", which prevents other players from attacking their city for a total of 7 days, or until you upgrade the town hall to level 5 or higher on a certain day. This gives you the opportunity to accumulate some resources and troops and get used to the game before other players attack them.

Set tax rates, production and buildings. The resources in the game are gold, food, wood, stone and iron, as well as the idle population of the city.

Increase the city's population and productivity of resources per hour as well as build certain buildings in the city.

Build up the resource area of your city and build an army.

An army can include siege machines such as ball guns, catapults and battering rams, as well as infantry such as archers, warriors and swordsmen.

All items in the game must be purchased along with gems, which can be purchased with real money, through the in-game item store, or won on the steering wheel. Some items will speed up your progress in the game. Winning items in battle is the main way to get resources and cities.

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