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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD
Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 42.99MB Version: 1.10.2
Updated: August 17, 2021 Developer : Ironhide S.A.


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Face the powerful enemy empire. Clash with the supreme boss, unlock and switch to new towers. Use your strategy to train legendary heroes and get all the achievements in this amazing TD game.

Top tower defense strategy game experience! Build towers, cast spells, and defeat the army of monsters threatening the kingdom!

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will provide you with hours of gameplay in the best tower defense game ever!

The invincible sorcerer Viznan is back! Embark on this epic journey and raise an army to fulfill his sinister plans. Be prepared to show the subjects of the kingdom who is the real boss! You will fight your way through the old and new territories, conquer the old and the new, fight the enemies of the empires, and fight to the death against the most formidable leaders - all in this classic tower defense game full of humor and epicness!

The time for revenge has come! Lead the dark army and make the whole kingdom tremble for you! You will face the fierce and brutal enemies and fight the ultimate battle against the most powerful bosses. Mix and match defense towers and weapons to achieve the most lethal combinations.

The all-powerful sorcerer Viznan has risen and is trying to destroy the peaceful kingdom once again.  However, only the evil Master plans to destroy the kingdom in many places, Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Obviously, you must play the hero and stop him and his army of terrible monsters,

Conquer the most powerful imperial armies of Kingdom Rush by leading the brave and heroic soldiers in this survival war game and write your own tower defense adventure saga!

Train legendary heroes here and lead them to victory!

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How to play

The game relies heavily on your reflexes as well as your brain power. The enemy is attacking your kingdom and you need to collect more hero characters in order to show your power to your subjects and make them truly submit to you, and lead them to fight against the enemy.

In this new version, there will be several new types of towers, each hiding its own abilities. Consider using them as each type of tower will have a special effect on a specific type of monster. The strange thing here is that you can add equipment to the five available towers of tower defense. This makes the game more diverse and complex, because you can create new games on this combination of equipment.

The game will have several challenging levels to challenge you in three lands. The difficulties are also accompanied by support that was not available in previous versions. Kingdom Rush Vengeance provides you with nine heroes ready to execute your every command to stop the enemy. However, super new monsters are ready to break into your city and destroy the peaceful life.

Heroes, your army, enemies and legendary td bossfights!

13 powerful heroes who will not hesitate to act on your orders

Upgrade your heroes and upgrade their abilities

 More than 10 accessories and artifacts that can play an extra role in battle

 New powers and enhancements to conquer your enemies, td style!

30 upgrades to train your army to its best

Over 60 deadly enemies that will test all your wits and strategic skills

Defeat 6 powerful bosses in the most legendary boss battles, eager to save the kingdom!

Epic tower selection and upgrades

18 new towers to defend your kingdom

Each tower has unique abilities and special powers

Choose your tower library and execute your strategy.

Create devastating combinations of towers, abilities and special powers to stop your enemies!

25 challenging stages that will test your skills

5 different areas to conquer and explore

Explore new lands of the kingdom

 Over 60 achievements, hidden secrets and fun stuff to play and discover as you explore the realms!

Unlock heroes and steel challenges in all stages

Casual, Normal, Veteran or Impossible difficulty for each level

 Summon waves of enemies faster to earn extra coins 

It's time for some royal revenge in the Kingdom!

Wiznan, the mighty all-powerful wizard is back.

Lead your mighty army of darkness and make the kingdom tremble every step of the way. Help Vez'nan conquer the new lands of the kingdom!

Orcs, goblins, demons, dark knights, zombies and more! Choose your favorites and mix them to find the most deadly tower defense combination - secure the kingdom's crown for Vez'nan.

The game's strategic gameplay is even more prominent, requiring the proper allocation of resources to achieve your goals. For example, depending on the map environment and the type of enemy troops, players have to consider how to deploy defensive towers and choose the type of towers, how to command heroes to release skills, when to upgrade old towers or build new ones, how to point the skill tree, etc. The flexibility of decision making is the charm of the Kingdom Defense series.

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