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King's Choice
King's Choice
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
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Updated: Aug 26, 2022 Developer :


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If you like role-playing games, try this game called King's Choice! Of course, if you like war strategy, King's Choice will also satisfy you!

King's Choice is a role-playing game released by ONEMT in May 2021, combining elements of simulation and strategy warfare to bring players a rich gaming experience. The game's graphics are beautifully detailed and substantially restore the European medieval court scene, with gorgeous costumes, luxurious palaces, lavish banquets and so on, bringing you a high-quality visual feast. In addition to the graphics, the plot of the game is also very exciting and very immersive.

In this game, you play the role of a prince, was a process of wealthy and stable life, but suddenly one day the old king was killed by the usurper, and you are imprisoned by the usurper. At this time, the usurper's daughter Ellie appeared in front of you and let you go. When you managed to escape, you gathered your father's former men and became a lord through noble marriage, growing your strength and determined to reclaim the throne and avenge your father's death.

King's Choice is a game for both men and women, you can choose your own gender, the subsequent plot and the gender of lovers will also be adjusted. What's more interesting is that, for the different needs of different players, the game deliberately adds the setting of choosing the gender of your lover, which further enhances the sense of immersion of players.

In this game, you can do a lot of things, such as: recruiting knights, meeting beautiful women, quelling rebellions, training heirs, expanding the territory, etc.. Your only goal is to become a king, to become a legendary king!

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How to play

King's Choice is an exciting simulation of the raising genre, imitating the royal life in medieval Europe. The game's graphics can be described as quite beautiful, with the overall coloring gorgeous and rich, visually showing the weather of the medieval European court.

Into the game there will be a plot, the general content is the old lord was killed, the prince was imprisoned, but released by the usurper's daughter Ellie, and you play the role of the imprisoned prince in this game. After the plot, you need to choose your gender, then you can choose your favorite character image, and name your character. After that, you will go to the old lord to give you the fief of the city of Neville, but in order to stand firmly in the city you have to marry a nobleman, so as to consolidate your rule.

The person you marry is called Beth, and when you marry her, you can find a system of lovers in the game, Beth is also in it, you need to greet her from time to time to enhance the relationship, so that you can get the help of Beth's family. After that, Gregory will take you to the interior hall and introduce you to Chris, your interior officer, who will teach you how to deal with political affairs, starting with the collection of revenue, including: conscription, food collection and tax collection.

To accomplish your revenge, you must have trustworthy men. Chris will recruit four knights for you, each specializing in a different field and can help you in various aspects, such as: money, advice and so on. If you want to play their role better, you need to train them, the stronger the attributes of the knight the stronger the corresponding lord's power will be.

In addition to this, there are other ways to play such as level battles, trade development, romance encounters, raising children, etc., to constantly strengthen your strength, avenge your father, take back the throne that originally belonged to you, and become a legendary king!

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