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The Medium
The Medium
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OS/Platform: PC Xbox
Size: 55 GB Version: PC,Xbox
Updated: January 28, 2021 Developer : Bloober Team


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  The Medium is a hidden game developed by Bloober Team and scheduled for release in January 2021, corresponding to the Xbox Series X / S and Microsoft Windows platforms. The production team invited Yamaguang, a composer for the Silent Hill series, to become a member of the game production, and the production team developed and produced the game for the Polish team Bloober Team, which had produced "Blair Witch", "Layers of Fear" and "Observer". Join the production of Yanagawa and team members of the Arkadiusz Reikowski co-production team members to compose and soundtrack the game, including inspection of the reference scene related to the production.

  This work was officially announced on May 7, 2020, and appeared on Inside Xbox as the exclusive work of Xbox Series X / S. The game was scheduled to go on sale on December 10, 2020, due to market considerations, which was changed to January 28, 2021, during which more content and details of the game were released.

  The Medium is set in post-Communism Poland in 1999. Marianne, a spirit medium that helps troubled souls seek final respite, has a recurring dream of a man shooting a young girl by a lake. While grieving over the death of her foster father, Marianne receives a mysterious phone call from a man named Thomas, who knows of her abilities. Thomas offers to explain the origin of Marianne's powers, as well as the meaning of the dream. However, Thomas is only willing to talk if Marianne meets him at the Niwa Workers' Resort, an abandoned communist-era vacation resort in the Polish wilderness. Niwa had been shuttered by the government after the Niwa Massacre years earlier, where a large number of people were murdered and the survivors fled the area.

  The game has a complex structure, vague moral boundaries of the story plot, while exploring the reality and spirit of the two worlds of play, inspired by the Polish painter Zdzis, aw Beksi v ski, inspired by the dark world, support simplified Chinese.

  As a gifted psychic, you will use your unique psychic abilities to explore or travel through the real and spiritual world to places beyond the reach of the body through the soul. You can also generate energy shields, emit powerful energy waves, and escape from life when threatened by evil spirits and other alien dangers.

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How to play

  The player's role in the game is that Marianne, as a psychic beset by fantasies, looks for a connection between the illusion and the world, shuttling between the "real world" and the "spiritual world". The player acts as a psychic who has access to both worlds, in which it is realized that the truth is not as simple as it is on the face of it and that after deeper contact, the field of vision will be broader and clearer to see what is perceived by others.

  The Medium is a psychological horror game played in third-person as Marianne, a medium who can travel into the spirit realm. Being able to inhabit both worlds aids puzzle solving. Her psychic abilities may also be used against hostile forces and are recharged by interacting with energy spots called spirit wells.

  "The Medium" Discover a dark mystery only a medium can solve. Explore the real world and the spirit world at the same time. Use your psychic abilities to solve puzzles spanning both worlds, uncover deeply disturbing secrets, and survive encounters with The Maw- an entity born from an unspeakable tragedy.

  You will play as a psychic in the game and explore dark secrets that only psychics can unlock. You will travel to an abandoned, communist-themed resort with unique spiritual abilities, to discover the disturbing secrets behind the methods, solve the mysteries of dual reality, fight against evil souls, and explore the reality and spirituality Two worlds.

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