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Angry Birds Blast
Angry Birds Blast
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 158.33MB Version: 2.2.5
Updated: October 18, 2021 Developer : Rovio Entertainment Oyj


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Our feathered friends don't hold back in this balloon-destroying puzzle game. It has all the manic energy we could ask for - popping pigs and releasing birds feels just like an Angry Birds game should. Mixing explosive energy boosts and blasting our way to three stars makes us smile every time.

Enter a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped in balloons and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Click on the matching balloons to blow them to pieces and free the flock!

Life is a bubble popping dream! Pop the dream bubbles with angry birds and chicks to solve the puzzles and make nap time even more dreamy. In addition to so many unique puzzles to solve, players will need to use props to blast, earn coins, unlock richer themes, and use your balloon busting skills to outsmart pigs and save birds in over 1000 egg-level levels! Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, get high scores and earn three stars.

Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, score high scores and earn three stars. In this puzzle adventure game, players will go through various magical zones and use the rules of triple destruction and the birds' tricks to challenge different levels and overcome the obstacles set by the pigs.

Earn rewards every day in the daily missions. Already got it? Then go for the weekly event or chase the puzzle of the month. Get through those blow-ups? How about taking on the world on the global leaderboard?

Angry Birds Blast is a puzzle game with very simple gameplay, this game tries to add novel elements to the original game. Plus it has the same graphics that all Angry Birds games have, which are really very beautiful.

There's a lot to do, and the number of levels to master keeps growing, so get playing!

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How to play

Angry Birds Blast is a puzzle game where you need to rescue the birds from Angry Birds who are trapped in colored balloons by evil piglets. In order to burst the balloons, you just need to touch them when they appear in groups of two or more.

Angry Birds Dream Blast will encounter a large number of bubbles of various colors, tap the bubbles to appear various angry birds, follow the prompts to tap the bubbles will take out rows or pieces of bubbles, when enough bubbles are cleared will move on to the next level. Each time you enter the next level will be based on the physics of all the newly generated dream bubbles together to a new chain.

Each level will be designed with different conditions, such as rescuing the angry birds, defeating the green pig army, escorting the birds' eggs into the flying saucer... and other designs. The difficulty point of the game is to add the "time" limit, players must complete the specified breaking conditions within the limited number of times, whether it is to rescue a sufficient number of angry birds, or to defeat the green pig army.

In Angry Bird Blast, a puzzle adventure game, players will go through various magical zones, using the rules of triple elimination and the birds' tricks to challenge different levels and overcome the obstacles set by the pigs. This time, different birds will be trapped in different colored balloons, and players only need to eliminate the balloons according to the same color to release the birds out. Each level will have a variety of props for players to use, such as slingshots, spinning balls, rockets and even bombs, etc., to help players all the way through the levels.

As long as there are more than two balloons of the same color connected together can be burst, 5 balloons burst will get "rocket" straight through a whole column of balloons; 7 will produce "bombs" can blow up the surrounding balloons, 9 will produce "laser gun" can eliminate all the same color balloons at the same time ... and so on, and as the level advances, will slowly get like a slingshot, spinning ball ... and other auxiliary props, so that players can use in the game.

When you burst a set of balloons, you can create special objects. For example, a pistol, you can break a column of balloons at once, while these explosions will cause the bursting of nearby balloons. Using these tools, you need to try to rescue all the birds in a level, and must be within your limited number of steps.

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