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Temple Run
Temple Run
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 38MB Version: 1.19.3
Updated: Feb 28, 2023 Developer : Imangi Studios


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Developer: Imangi Studios

Publisher: Imangi Studios

Game platform: Android, iOS

Release Date: July 26, 2012

"Temple Run" is an action video game with no end. The game scene is that an adventurer came to the ancient temple to find treasure, but was caught up by a monster. All the players need to do is to turn, jump and fall backward. They need to turn over the ancient temple walls and climb up the cliffs. In the process, you can shake the equipment to collect gold coins. The operation of the game is very simple and easy to understand, it only takes one hand to play, but it is so difficult, you need to start over from the beginning for any mistakes.

In each treasure hunt adventure movie, there is a scene where the brave hero finally reaches for the treasure, but then he must go through a labyrinthine trap to survive. Temple Run is this scene, nothing more. amazing.

Temple Run is a wonderful Parkour game. This game is widely accepted by many players since its official release. Generally speaking, this game has three of its own distinctive advantages. The first advantage is that this game adopted a fully 3D third-person perspective. So it will give players a kind of visual enjoyment because other similar games just adopted 2D perspective. So this is an eye-catching point of this game. The second advantage is the rich content of this game.

Besides running, players can collect golden coins. With these golden coins, they can buy relatively powerful tools and help the victim ger run away from the capture of those monsters. At the same time, players need to be familiar with all kinds of obstacles and traps in this game. Otherwise, they need to start this game all over again. The last advantage is the ancient graphics of this game. They are very classic with the perfect allocation of different colors. Maybe the most successful one is the temple.

It is pictured specifically in this game. Besides, it is really very vivid. So all of the pictures in this game have some aesthetic or artistic value. Anyway, this is a really wonderful game, you should try it. It will be thrilling to play it.

The first advantage is that the game has a fully 3D third-person perspective. So it gives the player a visual pleasure because other games like this just take a 2D perspective. This is one of the highlights of the game. The second advantage is that the game is rich in content. In addition to running, players can also collect gold COINS. With these COINS, they can buy relatively powerful tools to help the victims escape from the monster. At the same time, players need to familiarize themselves with the obstacles and traps in the game. And the sound and picture quality in the game is great, is a popular and classic game.

The game is rich in content. In addition to running, players can also collect gold COINS.

Full 3D third-person view. So it gives the player visual pleasure.

Old graphics for this game. They are very classic and the different colors match perfectly. Perhaps the most successful are the temples. This is especially depicted in this game.

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How to play

The main characters of "temple escape" are a group of wandering explorers who want to steal an idol from an ancient temple. After the explorer steals the idol, the player can control the explorer, and the game starts immediately after the explorer steals the idol. At this time, the explorer will be chased by a group of "demon monkeys", which will lead to "temple escape.". Players only need to perform three operations in the game: jump (slide your finger up), slide (slide your finger down), and turn (slide your finger left or right). Tilting the device allows the explorer to move from one side of the road to the other for the explorer to collect. And avoid obstacles.


The player's goal in "Temple Run" is to run as far as possible by avoiding randomly generated obstacles. And get as many points and gold coins as possible. The longer a player survives, the more points he will earn. The player's score can only be used to achieve the goal. Where "s" is the player's final score, "m" is the player's target number + 10, "d" is the player's running distance (the running distance is calculated by the moment of leaving the temple, the unit is meters), and "c" is the player. The number of gold coins collected, "t" is the number of reward instrument levels the player receives plus Chuyi gold coins divided by one hundred.


Players can collect gold coins while fleeing. The gold coins are shaped like diamonds and are divided into yellow, red, and blue, which are worth one yuan, two yuan, and three yuan respectively. When the player collects gold coins, the bonus meter on the side will also increase. Whenever the player collects 100 gold coins, the reward meter will rise from one level until the fourth level, which can increase some points, and then increase from the first level. The gold coins collected by the player can be used to upgrade different items, rewards, purchase characters. The following is the effect of the item reward when it is raised to the highest level:

In addition to gold coins, players can also collect sporadic item rewards.

Giant gold coins (worth 150 gold coins)

Gold coin magnet (absorbs all gold coins near the player and multiplies their value by three times)

(Invisible players will not be affected by obstacles and cliffs and will last for 30 seconds)

Sprint (750 m)

After running 1000 meters, there are gold coins worth two yuan, and after running 2000 meters, there are gold coins worth three yuan


The role of "temple escape": Continue to have a detailed description.

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