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Hero Wars - Fantasy World
Hero Wars - Fantasy World
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 286.96MB Version: 1.115.103
Updated: August 27, 2021 Developer : Nexters Global LTD


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Welcome at last, brave heroes! Whether you're here to relive your favorite online RPG moments or just want to get through a few levels, Hero Wars has you covered. Come for the sophisticated RPG gameplay and stay for the glory!

This game is about another story of the battle between good and evil. Many centuries ago, there was a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity in the magical lands of the Autonomous Territories. However, these peaceful days came to an abrupt end when relentless armies of great demons invaded the land. Their uncompromising cruelty and terrible power crushed entire armies. Yet, someone must fight back - it's time to step up and save the Empire from its cruel captors!

An ancient local evil is awakened after concluding that it is so boring that it can't survive. You must play as the hero who can gather a band of mercenaries and try to win domination from the evil. Disadvantages of the game include the fact that the outcome of the battle depends almost entirely on the equipment of the detachment. Moreover, if players can somehow influence the outcome of battles in PVE missions, then battles in PVP arenas will be completely automated: the better equipped will win. Dressing up your character is a fun, if somewhat tedious, process. In order to level up your equipment, you should collect 6 suitable items. The problem is that the right stuff can be played dozens of times and she will not drop it. It is worth noting that donations do not affect the chances of getting the necessary equipment at all: in this game, as in many other such games, everything is randomly determined.

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How to play

hero wars-fantasy world is a MMORPG to look forward to, hero wars game has a large number of card heroes, players need to train their lineup, constantly upgrade, so that their lineup has more powerful characters, come and prove your ability to win the championship, play with us!

In this game, you need to control a group of heroes and try to avoid the disaster created by hundreds of creatures from the underground world.

In the game, players will be free to train their own lineup, to create their own powerful heroes, happy and free combat adventure, open a new adventure play.

Players can choose their favorite heroes, free to fight; your heroes can constantly upgrade, constantly star; lead their own team constantly adventure battle; destroy epic monsters can get more rewards.

Chapter-style pushing through the levels, in the process players can collect different hero cards, through upgrade, star, advancement and equipment/skill strengthening to train to higher levels, and then to unlock more challenging level content, and so on and so forth.

Like in any good role-playing game, your role in Hero Wars is simply that of a spectator. Combat is automatic, although you have the opportunity to interact in battle by clicking on the avatars of different heroes and activating their special skills when they are filled. Each battle you win earns you coins and raw materials to optimize your hero's features or create new, more powerful equipment.

As you advance through the story in Hero Wars, new heroes can be unlocked to help you on your adventure. The recruitment of new heroes is crucial to progressing through the most challenging areas of the game, as the adventurers you start with will become completely obsolete.

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