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Red Ball 4
Red Ball 4
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 53MB Version: 1.4.21
Updated: July 10, 2020 Developer : FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG


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Red ball 4 is very popular among players from different parts of the world, the reason being that the game is so simple yet so exciting. Anyone with an enthusiasm to level up their gaming skill can play and win the different levels. Red ball 4 is a series or part of the original one " Red Ball '' which was started some years back with the intent to give smartphone users some flash game entertainment. 

The other reason why the game has been so much popular among players is that Red Ball 4 is free for everyone and can be accessed on different devices thus making it easy for the users to play the game. 

The game or the story of the game begins with a world of balls who are living with all peace and prosperity there but while enjoying their lives as a special ball what they see is that the devil square minions are trying to invade their space to turn the round balls into a dull square shape like them which is not at all acceptable to the balls. 

So the ball (that is you in the game) decides to walk through the ball's world confronting the devil square minions to stop them from converting the world into a square one. While confronting you will get several challenges and levels to finally let the ball world Renault round, happy and enjoying.

Unique Settings That Will Let You Stun

There are many reasons why people have been believing and loving this game for a very long time. One of those reasons is the settings of this game which never disappoint to keep its players stun all the time. These settings can also be termed as features that are way more wonderful than anyone can imagine. So what those are let's discuss them with the following pointers: 

Physics elements make the game full of senses and also allow the players to have a real feel

An exciting and groovy soundtrack that keeps the players motivated for all time 

Epic and unique boss battles which you might have never experienced in any game 

Simple yet thrilling gameplay which can be accessed by anyone for free that too on any Android devices 

Thrilling levels which are over 50 in number

Cloud support

Bug fixes

Adventurous levels and challenges

Players can save their progress and keep continue playing from where they have left it before 

Leaderboard to compare the scores from other players and friends from different corners of the world 

So this was all about why Red ball 4 has been so famous and what the storyline of this game is upon which the entire game runs. Also, you now know the features of Red Ball 4 which are stunning in their way. What is left now is to discuss the gameplay of Red Ball 4 and who can play this game effortlessly. So let's discuss all this as follows。

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How to play

There are many levels in the game as you know by now but also there are certain steps that can be implicated for playing the game in the best possible way which you'll get to know further while reading this section. But before going to discuss them let's first know who can play this game or who is this game suitable for: 

If you are an enthusiastic player and know that you can level up your gaming skills with certain strategies or now-how then this game is for you because all this game needs is an enthusiastic player as there are unique challenges in different levels which need a hell of a lot of mind, cleverness, and skill to cross. Though they are not so tough but will check your cleverness at every step. 

Therefore if you are likely to get fed up or leave the game very easily on a hard challenge then this game might not be for you because whether it's level one or the last it will check your patience and enthusiasm on the very first step. Therefore, it is very simple to know who is this game suitable for and now let's move on to know the know-how steps of Red ball 4: 

Step 1:First, you have to start your journey as a red ball to become aware of the other ball of the world and let them know that there is an invasion by the evil squares and they are trying to convert the balls into dull squares. Doing so you have to roll yourself through different terrains with care so that you don't get burnt up or attacked by any square minion. 

Step 2 :In this step, you have to start attacking the square minions to not only defend yourself but also to stop them from attacking and converting the other balls. Yes, you have to behave like a leader in this game to save the world and restore the peace and excitement there. 

Step 3 :Here you have to cross the rivers, gardens, bridges, etc to reach the different levels. Be careful as here also you can be attacked by the square minions. While crossing you must use your brain and apply tricks to get out of the challenges. Doing so you might also be rewarded. In rewards, you will get lives, tricks, and tools along with some coins which you can use later. 

So, this is how you can try your hands on Red Ball 4. If you follow the above-given tips religiously then for sure you can win the levels with some ease. Also, you can share your progress and tips with which you have crossed any respective level with your friends to help them do so. 

Last but not least don't forget to come here again and share your experiences in the game in the comment section below!

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