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Doodle Jump
Doodle Jump
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 42.1MB Version: 3.11.23
Updated: Feb 8, 2023 Developer : Lima Sky LLC


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Doodle Jump is a simple, fun little game where your only goal is to strive to jump higher.

In Doodle Jump, you can guide Doodle the Doodler - using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls available - on a bouncy journey up, up, up, a square of paper, pick up a jetpack, avoid black holes, and blast bad guys with noseballs along the way.

In Doodle Jump, there are multiple ways to move faster and build your score faster. The first way is to use springs to bounce your little aliens higher. You'll also encounter rocket boosters and propeller caps, which can help you go even higher.

In addition to the boosters that propel your alien to new heights, there are also obstacles that add an extra challenge to the gameplay. The first threat you'll encounter is the brown platforms that break off on contact, but these are minor issues. 

The most disturbing threat is the aliens. Make sure you jump carefully to avoid hitting one with your head by moving up too hastily. This also makes it easier to shoot them and keep going.

Laugh with glee as Doodle™ flies past actual score marks scribbled on the edges by other players.

(a) Each scenario has its own distinctive features, with different monsters in contact, rapidly rising props, and some maps with special effects.

In the game players have to make the little graffiti spring monsters keep jumping upwards, in the jumping be careful of broken platforms, moving blue platforms, black holes, unidentified flying objects and bad guys.

Control the character's movement, attack, dodge and other actions, make good use of the various colors and different functions of the platform, sensitive reaction is also indispensable.

In addition to many sad levels in the same scene are repeated, more practice will help to improve the performance.

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How to play

Players have to make the little graffiti spring monster keep jumping upwards, in the jump to be careful of broken platforms, moving blue platforms, black holes, unidentified flying objects and bad guys, on the way there are a lot of interesting props such as fast-rising rockets and bamboo dragonflies, there are more super cute dress up waiting for players to unlock, the game uses gravity-sensitive gameplay.

Tilt your device to jump on endless platforms, blow up bad guys, get power-ups, and leave your mark on the global leaderboards. Hand-drawn visuals add to the wacky appeal, while an evolving mix of graffiti worlds, special items and whimsical characters keep this indie classic fresh.

Players can get brief boosts from a variety of items, such as propeller caps, jetpacks, rockets, springs, trampolines and invincible shields (certain levels only). There are also monsters and UFOs that the doodler must avoid, shoot or jump to destroy. Aiming is performed by tapping on different parts of the screen, and on the Android and Windows Phone versions of the game, there is an auto-aim mode. Depending on which game mode is being played, projectiles may fly off the screen in a straight line or fall downwards due to gravity. There is no definite end to the game, but the end of each playthrough occurs when the player falls to the bottom of the screen, jumps into a monster, is sucked into a black hole, or is kidnapped by an abductor. Flying Saucer. Players can choose from several different themes, including Original, Christmas, Halloween, Rainforest, Space, Soccer World Cup, Underwater, Easter, Ice Storm, Retro Arcade, Ninja, or Pirate. Themes change the appearance of Doodle Jumper, his enemies and the background. In Ninja, Pirate, Halloween and Easter modes, players can purchase new skins and extra lives using gold that can be earned in-game but can also be purchased. In addition, players can type in the name of one of the Pocket God gnomes and the doodler will become one of the gnomes. Or, players can enter the name "Bunny" and the Doodler will be dressed in a bunny suit, just like the one on the Easter stage.

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