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Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Friends
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 164.5 MB Version: 11.7.0
Updated: Nov 15, 2022 Developer : Rovio Entertainment Corporation


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Angry Birds Friends is a casual puzzle game released by Rovio Entertainment Corporation in 2013, and is also the fourth installment of Angry Birds. The game continues the usual style of Angry Birds, both in terms of painting style and gameplay. It tells the story of a group of evil fat pigs stole the birds' eggs, and then the birds took revenge on them.

In the game, the birds will catapult themselves out through the slingshot, so as to break the fortress of the fat pigs, the collapse of the fortress will kill some of the fat pigs, of course, you can also directly hit the target for the fat pigs, and then directly kill them. In the course of the game you have only one goal, and that is to kill all the fat pigs!

Angry Birds Friends has a lot of different kinds of birds, each kind of birds have a certain difference in the projectile effect and attack effect, you need to understand the different kinds of birds applicable to the scene, and then in the process of the game to use these different attack effect to your encountered different problems. This game is very rich in gameplay, there are many different levels, the player will also face a variety of challenges, to a certain extent to improve the fun of the whole game.

As the latest entry in the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Friends has also made some changes to enhance players' enjoyment of the game. For example, the social aspect of the series has been enhanced, you can play against your friends, and when you win you will improve your ranking on the friends list, and this ranking is updated in real time, so try to become the best player on the list.

If you are also a big fan of Angry Birds, then give this game a try, it will not disappoint you!

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How to play

The levels of Angry Birds series previous works are generally from easy to difficult, while the difficulty of Angry Birds Friends is relatively high from the beginning, but if you are a veteran player, then I believe it is still relatively easy for you. If you are new to the game, then the best way is to practice makes perfect, master the characteristics of each kind of bird and the strength of the slingshot catapult.

This game is very simple in terms of operation. When you enter the game you will see that there is a slingshot on the screen, next to the slingshot stand many birds of different colors, and opposite to the birds are those dreadful fat pigs and their fortresses. After the game starts, the birds will jump to the top of the slingshot in order, and all you need to do is to click on the birds on the slingshot, swipe them in the opposite direction of the fat pigs, then adjust them to the right angle, and finally release your finger and the birds will fly to the fat pigs and kill them according to the corresponding angle.

When you eject the bird, if the bird hits the fat pig, then the fat pig will be killed. However, some fat pigs are very cunning, they will hide in the fortress they built, you can not kill them directly, but can be killed by attacking their fortress and then the fortress collapsed wood will also be smashed. It should be noted that the fort built of wood is easier to collapse, but there are other different materials for the fort, including glass, stone and even jelly. This time you need to use the characteristics of different birds to attack, for example, the blue bird will be broken into three suitable for attacking the fortress made of glass, while the black bird will explode suitable for attacking the fortress made of stone.

Instead of aiming for 3 stars, players in this game will aim for the highest ranking on the leaderboard. In the course of the game you can challenge your friends, and after beating them your ranking will be improved. In addition, Angry Birds Friends will hold tournaments every week, and the winning players will receive different trophies.

All in all, it's a great challenge, so give it a try!

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