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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 103.81MB Version: 1.7.9
Updated: January 20, 2021 Developer : Dennis Vukanovic


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This is a puzzle + escape horror game players need to play a child locked in a room, in order to escape the room, you need to stop the alarm in the room, find the key to open the door and escape at the right opportunity.

Grandma is depicted as an ugly, crazy old woman. She has a long, dirty face with gray hair at the back of her head, white eyes with bloody rims, bloody teeth, and a dirty gray nightgown that, to be precise, probably makes her a zombie. She also carries a bloody baseball bat, which she does not hesitate to use as a weapon. She has glowing white eyes that sometimes alert you to her presence when it's dark.

Granny can hear anything in her house and will move towards any noise, which means the player must be cautious and quiet about every noise they make. The player can get out of sight of Granny being hidden in cupboards, cabinets of the car, and in the bed.

Grandma is equipped with a seemingly endless supply of bear traps, which she often places in different locations throughout the house in an attempt to catch the player, making them focus more on where they are walking rather than looking for items.

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How to play

In the game, the player plays as a child locked in a room, and Grandma Terror goes to prepare the ingredients for your cooking, so you must take this time to find the key and escape the place, but be careful not to make any noise, or you will face the chase of Grandma. Now you must try to leave her house, but be careful and quiet. She listens to everything. If you drop something on the floor, she will hear it and come running.

You can hide in the closet or under the bed.

Players and grandmother. Players need to collect various props within 5 days to unlock the front door or fix the vehicle in the basement to escape, while escaping and evading the grandmother's pursuit.

Although Grandma starts walking slowly, if she becomes aware of the player's presence, she will start walking faster. If a sound is made by interacting with an environmental hazard or dropping an item, Grandma will immediately become aware of the exact location where the sound was made and move towards it.

Grandma has different vision depending on several factors. The easier the difficulty, the lower her basic range of vision. Crouching will significantly reduce it (usually resulting in her completely ignoring players crouching in front of her on easier difficulties). In addition, it can be further reduced by being located within a hiding place (i.e., a crawl space that Grandma can't access). As a result, the grandmother is almost completely invisible to the player when she is inside the tunnel. If she sees the player enter the tunnel, she will not be able to enter them, but will stand up and shake her head for a moment, probably because she missed catching them.

If Grandma spots the player, she will focus on finding the fastest way to get close to them, regardless of where the nearest noise is made. If any noise is made during this chase, Grandma will investigate the nearest noise after the player is hidden. Grandma will always talk/laugh after completing her investigation and then place a bear trap the next time she stops moving.

Once she has caught the player, they will be forced to face her and she will scream and hit them with her bloody baseball bat. The impact of the hit will immediately knock them unconscious and they will be awakened to start the bedroom in the next day. If the player is close to her, she will grab the player, sometimes even through walls, as described in Weak Walls.

If Grandma finds the player trying to hide inside a bed, cabinet, box, or car, she will not take the bait easily. In the case of beds, she will attack them using alternating jump scare animations, where she falls to the ground and rushes at the player. In any other case, she will forcibly remove the player from their hiding place before hitting them with the bat.

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