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Toca Life World
Toca Life World
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 843.9 MB Version: 1.62
Updated: Mar 8, 2023 Developer : Toca Boca


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If you are dreaming of a free world, where you can do whatever you want, lead your life the way you wish. Then, it’s best to have it in a game. Because the real world will not let you be free in the true sense. So, you can be happy with the best game out there called, the Toca Life World. Here you can create your characters, play with pets, design a home, and many more. To know more about the game and how to play, let’s read the description below. 

To start playing the game, you have to create some scenes. For that, you will need some characters. You will get them from each scene you unfold, and you can unlock additional characters as well. You can check the catalog of premade ones when you are looking around in the location. This way you will get access to various characters and you can take them anywhere you want. You can customize them, dress them up the way you want, and more. Once you are done with the dressing and makeover, you can drop the characters from one place to another, just to create the story in the game. 

Toca Life World is an educational, single-player game. You can create your world based on your imagination. You can keep creating until your imagination runs out. The game is very easy to play and it has some features. 

Build your world and play to have more fun

Create more characters

Design the house

You will have over 500 characters to play with

Expand the world of Toca Life World and have fun

Once you have selected the building, you will have to go inside. Here you will get lots of characters and objects to play with. You can click on the things and drag them anywhere you want. When you drag and drop the characters and things you will get various effects. 

For example, you can drop the small things in the hands of your favorite characters and allow them to carry them to another place. You can also drop food in the character’s mouth so they can drink it or eat the food. You can also interact directly, you just have to click on the things. The objects such as the light fixtures and lightbulbs can be switched on and off as you wish. 

You will get special things in the buildings that you can use for different events. For example, the chair of the hairdresser, you can use to change different hairstyles. If there is a character on the hair salon chair you can change their style with the item. You can give them any look you want and the character will be happy. 

Your imagination and creativity is the best thing you will have in Toca Life World. You can be anyone and do anything your heart wants. This is the best thing in this game. You can experiment with anything and discover almost everything in this amazing game world. 

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How to play

Once you have read the description, you must understand that this game is based on your imagination. You can play anything and anyone here. You just have to know how to play the game. Check out the steps below. 

Step 1:At first, you will have to choose from various scenarios. You will have to select the characters, you can even create heroes. After this, you will go to your first apartment in this game. From here your adventure will start. 

Step 2:In the house, all the players will be greeted by the main characters called Rita and Nari. You will get eight heroes in the game when you start, and you can create images for anyone here. You will get various locations in the game world, and you can roam around anywhere you want. You can try your abilities and interact with anyone in the game. 

Step 3:Toca Life World has a post office, and when you get a gift, you can collect it from there. You will see a red circle over the house which indicates the gift in the mail. You will have to tap on the mail container to get the present. If you are unable to create a hero, then it will not be a problem. You can always have a pre-made hero or a character when you enter the building in the city. You can choose more heroes from there. 

Step 4:You can interact and get things in this game world. You just have to use the hammer option and you can build new houses. You will get numerous gifts in this game, and you can use these to buy things from the store. You can cook in the decorated houses in your apartment too. You will get the ingredients from the list and secret areas. 

Step 5:You can collect phones that are hidden in the game, and you can make a secret phone as well. You can take help from Rita, Zeke, Leon, and Nari when you are on the quest of collecting the phones. You can find other ingredients in Bob city with the help of the heroes and other characters. You have to visit Rita’s apartment and there collect the blue joystick to give it to Zeke. Then you need to go to the theatre and get the gems. You have to give the green gems to Rita. 

You can play this game the way you want. You will get lots of gifts that you can buy from the stores. You will get lots of upgrades with the game, which will help you play the scenes easily. The game is based on your imagination, and once you know how to play it you will become a pro at it. 

Build more characters, design your house, cook food, be a hairdresser, and many more. You can play this game on your mobile, tablet, and even on your PC. You will never get bored with this gameplay as it will keep you occupied with its fun characters and various effects. In addition, you must share your review about this fun and educational game so others can have ideas about it and they too can post their opinions about Toca Life World. Let us build a good game community to help others. 

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