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Sonic Jump
Sonic Jump
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 48.1MB Version: 2.0.3
Updated: February 5, 2018 Developer : Sega of America


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Spin and jump with Sonic and his friends while smashing your way toward the sky and fighting Dr. Eggman in Sonic Jump. If you like arcade games that are filled with adventures, Sonic Jump is perfect for you. With the game delivering new adventures, make your way through the classic levels and have several hours of fun. Besides, you can challenge your friends online and find out who can jump the farthest. Sonic Jump has addictive gameplay and is one of the most popular games that you find around. People across the world love the game because it is fun and addictive. 

The interesting and unique part of the game is that you have to make Sonic climb higher in the sky by tilting your screen and by using the platforms that float around. These are the jump points. However, if you miss a platform, Sonic would fall to his death and the game will end. Although challenging, this is what makes the game exciting and users always look for this thrill. To buy power-ups and earn bonuses, you need to collect as many rings as you can. This amazing game comes in two modes: Story and Arcade.

You have to make progress on different levels simply by jumping to the top in the Story mode. Apart from that, when you complete every level in a zone, you have to ensure that Dr. Eggman loses at the boss level. However, in the Arcade mode, you have to try hard and get as high as possible without dying. The first part is easy and it doesn’t include many obstacles as well. It is great for beginners because they get to know more about the controls and learn strategies to play the game effectively. But it gets hard in other zones. 

For each level, there are three coins for you to collect. In the initial levels, you don’t have to try too hard to earn them. But as you make progress through the game, it might get a bit difficult. As such, you have to pull off some tricks so that you can get them with ease. The game borrows mission mechanics from Jetpack Joyride where you need to do new things. These might include completing a level in under 40 seconds, destroying 40 enemies, and so on. These are amazing ways to keep you glued to the game and you will try to complete every task and get rewards. 

To defeat an enemy, you have to attack them from underneath. But if you make any kind of contact that causes damage, you may lose all your rings. However, if you don’t have rings to lose, you have to die. After completing a certain level in the game, you can unlock several items that will save you from falling from the sky and failing a level. Also, you can unlock characters such as Knuckles and Tails. In a nutshell, Sonic Jump looks stunning with vibrant colors all around. Another interesting aspect of the game is that it resembles Sonic Rush games but at a higher resolution. 

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How to play

If you are a die-hard fan of Sonic the hedgehog and Doodle Jump, Sonic Jump is a wonderful and exciting game that you can’t afford to miss. The game is challenging, addicting, and fun to play. Additionally, it is a bit nostalgic as well. Apart from Sonic, you get Tails and Knuckles that unlock at levels 17 and 20. There are both story and arcade modes. The story mode has 36 levels. Moreover, you can take advantage of the store by purchasing power-ups and rings. But it will cost you real money. Let’s know how to play the game the right way.

Step 1: Accumulate rings as much as possible.Keep in mind that rings are your lifeline. That’s why you should keep your eyes open for safes. As such, you can bank them so that they can protect you when you are in danger. Also, they are effective in defeating Dr. Eggman. In addition, you should look out for the huge red rings as well. Try to collect them on any level if you are looking for a perfect rating. Although they are hard to get, grabbing them gives you the best possible score.

Step 2:  Know about double jumps.You should know when is the right time to use double jumps when playing Sonic Jump. The process is easy and all you have to do is double-tap the screen and perform double jumping. However, use this function wisely or you may have to face consequences. If there is a slight mistake, you would jump straight into your doom. Therefore, time your jumps accordingly and use double jumps only for the tricky platforms. 

Step 3: Understand the difference between game modes.Knowing the difference between game modes is important so that you can play the game with ease and with the right objective without wasting time. The levels that you find in Story mode are unchanged and stay fixed. As a result, you know that any restarts in the game will be pretty much similar. But the Arcade mode is different. You have to take part in an endless version of the game where you have to reach the highest point in the sky as far as you can. 

Step 4: There are many characters to unlock.To make the game more interesting and easy, you can unlock other characters in the game besides Sonic. When you are at level 17, you can unlock Tails. And, you unlock Knuckles at level 20. On top of that, when you head to the store and choose the characters tab, you can utilize other new characters. Furthermore, the updated versions of the game added more characters such as Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose, and many more.

Step 5: The basics behind enemy attacks.If you want to smash your enemies make sure to use the rings that you have collected. Smash from below your enemies while Sonic is spinning in the ball form. Although it is pretty basic knowledge, you should know about it. If Sonic doesn’t have rings, the next hit would take him down. 

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  • Akeem229

    Far way all Thru a huge Mega rush!

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