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Hungry Shark Evolution
Hungry Shark Evolution
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 397.7 MB Version: 9.6.10
Updated: Nov 24, 2022 Developer : Ubisoft Entertainment


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Hungry Shark Evolution is a shark evolution themed survival game released by Ubisoft Entertainment in February 2013, and is one of the classic titles in the Hungry Shark series. The game has been greatly improved compared to previous titles in the series, not only in terms of gameplay and survival difficulty, but even the gravity tilt can be adjusted before the start of each level.

Hungry Shark Evolution in the construction of the graphics and the series of works, the difference is that the game uses 3D technology, the overall picture using dark blue seawater is the main, and 3D technology will be more beautiful portrayal of the deep sea, the sea floor creatures also become vivid. In addition, the detailing is also very good, the fish wagging tail, sharks into the water when the splash and swinging water plants, so that the whole picture becomes vivid and realistic.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fast-paced underdog game, mainly about a shark in the deep sea to survive the evolution of the story. In the game you will play a hungry shark, eat everything in front of you including people, in the process you need to pay attention to avoid mines or stronger than your kind, otherwise you will die.

The game design more than 10 different sharks, such as great white sharks and megalodon and so on, and some full of unknown ancient sharks. A variety of sharks to shoot so that the game becomes less monotonous, as the game further you can unlock more different sharks, and then you can raise them and upgrade them. In addition, in the course of the game, you can not only hunt to improve the strength, you can also equip yourself with some terrible accessories, such as laser cannons and so on.

In short, your only goal is to survive as much as possible in this crisis-ridden environment and become the master of the entire ocean by constantly eating and evolving!

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How to play

Are you ready to become a qualified predator in Hungry Shark Evolution?

The game is very simple, you can shake the device using the principle of gravity to control the shark, you can also tap the screen with your finger to make the shark faster, so you can keep feeding to replenish the disappearing energy, not enough acceleration will also make the shark's energy and life value consumption faster, so please use it again when necessary! And although you exist as a predator, but the large ocean is full of unknown, there are also some stronger creatures than you, if you do not want to become the plate of other fish, then do not slacken. Another thing to note is that in addition to the stronger fish than you, you also need to pay attention to avoid the deep sea mines, jellyfish and shark hunters and so on, these things will be a threat to the lives of sharks.

Game difficulty and before compared to a certain degree of improvement, such as those small schools of fish has been very let the big shark full, these can only be considered a small appetizer dessert for sharks, and can really help sharks restore energy food often hidden behind the risk, such as in the shallows of humans and similar. Previously you can catch humans at sea, but this version of the human is obviously learned to be smart, it is difficult to catch them at sea, then you will have to choose to hunt in the shallows, which means you will face the risk of stranding, will be alive and sunburned. And the same kind from the size and strength of the gap with you, so you can only rely on flexible operation, in the same kind will eat you before eating them, so the risk is relatively large, but the risk and reward is proportional.

Gameplay continues the usual style, you will control the shark in the ocean shuttle, looking for and swallowing everything that can be swallowed in front of you. The difference is that now in addition to finding food, you can also go to complete the task of collecting items, such as golden fish and shells and so on, when you find these things will be rewarded with some gold coins.

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