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Mutiny: Pirate Island Survival
Mutiny: Pirate Island Survival
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 80.74MB Version: 0.22.0
Updated: October 4, 2021 Developer : HELIO LTD


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Mutiny: Pirate Island Survival is an open-world style pirate-themed game with light survival and RPG mechanics. Explore the Arbor Ocean at your own pace and make plans to retake your ship "Red Dawn" any way you can!

Stay and survive as a pirate in the Caribbean! After a mutiny on your ship, you will find yourself on a lonely pirate island - no food, no weapons, and only a few sailors by your side, who remain loyal to you throughout the mutiny. However, when you have nothing to lose, true freedom begins! Do you have what it takes to get through the dangerous game of piracy? The proof is in the doing.

Mutiny is an epic RPG quest where you must fight to survive in a brutal island game. Man up! Now you're a pirate experiencing a real chance at ocean survival - so put your stuff together, lead your small crew and turn this deadly survival into some deadly adventure!

Explore the world of PvP games in the Caribbean islands during the golden age of piracy! Hunt wildlife and battle rival pirates, become friends with the Taino Indian tribe, and delve into the secrets of ancient tribes of the past. This is a true sea adventure combined with RPG survival gameplay. Crazy, daring and relentless!

The world of Caribbean Island Quest games is all yours! Prove that you deserve to be named Pirate King. Your pirate adventure begins now. Get your crew ready to fight in a survival game!

This is a true Caribbean role-playing game with ocean quests and pirate battles. Join this survival adventure! And prove yourself as a true survivor of the dangerous Caribbean. Try to survive in the role-playing sea world!

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How to play

In this island adventure, you must fight your way through the wilderness and build forts to protect your possessions and lives. You must be a lucky pirate and succeed soon or you won't be able to complete this survival mission. Well, dead men don't tell stories. You want to tell your pirate story, don't you, Captain?

Dive into a desert island survival game. Like in all RPG action games, you don't have a minute to rest. Stay sharp and lead your pirate crew! For the first time in the survival genre, you have a team that you can control. Appoint them to perform different tasks from crafting to defending a fortress. Go on a challenging island mission and find pirate treasure together. Expand your team and become the best captain on the island!

Build your own pirate empire! Mutiny is not just about island adventure games. It's also about logic, tactics and learning how to use your muscles and brain to survive. Big things start with small steps - some logging for your shelter and first tools, then some digging for more complex weapon recipes. Of course, trading with the Indians who inhabit this island of survival can lead to rarer, more valuable items. This is how you can successfully complete the island RPG mission game and set yourself up for prosperity and complete domination of the region! Real economic strategies are always timely!

Do PvP battles and keep attacking your durable neighbors! Get past their defenses, get chests full of loot, fight for survival and make Lady Luck smile on you!

Craft from over 100 recipes. The branch crafting system will give you everything you need to survive in these crazy pirate island games - from a simple shirt to cover your sunburned shoulders to a powerful pistol to make you stand out in battle. Because every pirate deserves his or her own style!

Start your own RPG survivor's journey today and prove yourself a true survivor of the dangerous Caribbean. Try to survive!

The world of Caribbean island quest games is all yours! Prove that you deserve to be called a pirate king. Your pirate adventure begins now. Get your crew ready to fight in the survival game!

Join thousands of players around the world! You will surely remember this pirate island survival quest for a long time. Hang in there and may the pirate flag bless you!

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