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Granny 3
Granny 3
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OS/Platform: Android
Size: 75.50MB Version: 1.1.2
Updated: Sep 20, 2021 Developer :


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One day you came to a spooky house, you pushed open the yard gate and walked in, just inside the gate closed, you continued to walk, suddenly a strange old grandfather appeared in front of you, he took the weapon in his hand and shot you, you blacked out. When you wake up again, you find yourself imprisoned... Where do you go from here? It's all in Granny 3!

Granny 3 is a horror game released by DVloper in June 2021, and is the latest installment of the Granny series, with new characters and new content compared to the previous entries, and a richer level of gameplay. In terms of graphics style remains the original style, with a special sense of horror both delicate and scribble, can bring players a different game experience.

In this game, you inadvertently broke into your grandmother's house and was imprisoned by them, you only have five days to escape from here, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. To escape from here, you must put down the bridge to the gate and open the gate, and to do this, you will face a lot of organs, you need to correctly crack these organs in order to get the key props.

Grandma and grandpa have a new home together, they will walk around the house as usual to prevent intruders like you, so while looking for props, you need to pay attention to avoid them. In addition to this, you have to watch out for grandma's granddaughter, it is said that those who look into her eyes will die!

All in all, this is a very good horror game, special graphics with just the right sound effects to enhance the entire game of horror atmosphere, to ensure that the best gaming experience to bring players. If you love horror games, then don't miss Granny 3!

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How to play

Granny 3 is a great horror game, the game's icons are set very simple, even new players can intuitively understand the meaning of these icons, so the game is not too difficult to operate. The game is more of a test of the player's strategy and familiarity with the scene, so inevitably you will be caught so many times, and then step by step in the house or yard to find clues and props to get out of here.

About grandma: grandma as always has very good hearing, any sound can not escape her ears, after hearing the sound, she will follow the sound and come. This can be used to attract the attention of the grandmother, so that she left a certain place. Grandmother has a weakness, that is, mobility, if you are unfortunately found by the grandmother, you can also move quickly to avoid the grandmother's attack, when you are completely out of the grandmother's sight you will be safe. In the course of the game will be accompanied by the grandmother's oozing laughter or say to you: I see you ... At this time you have to remain calm, careful of the grandmother's scheme.

About Grandpa: Grandpa does not have as excellent hearing as Grandma, and his legs are not as slow as Grandma's, but the shotgun he holds in his hand is a terrifying presence, and if you are found by Grandpa, then he will attack you with a shotgun. You can use a slingshot to attack Grandpa and grab the shotgun from his hand to use as your defense weapon, but you need to note that after the shotgun kills Grandpa and Grandma, they only die temporarily and the resurrection time changes depending on the difficulty of the game.

About Slendrina: she is the grandmother's granddaughter, she will not chase after you, but she will suddenly appear in front of your eyes, at this time do not meet his eyes, her gaze will kill.

Finally, if you want to go out from where you came in, and you see a river separating the door, do not think about going down into the river, there are very scary monsters inside, or try to find another way out!

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