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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 185.3 MB Version: 9.0.16
Updated: Nov 28, 2022 Developer : Madbox


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Stickman Hook is a casual adventure game released by Madbox in November 2018 that incorporates the classic role of the matchmaker. The overall style of the game is simple but exquisite, especially in some details, such as the up and down movement arc of the matchmaker is very vivid and in line with the principle of gravity.

In the course of the game players need to slide the screen to control the matchmaker to jump, in the process of jumping to pay attention to avoid all obstacles, and in the end to cross the finish line. This game has a characteristic jump and roll operation gameplay, the use of multiple scenes theme, distinctive obstacle areas, through the rope and hook in different platforms jump shuttle, unique gameplay will bring players a different game experience.

Stickman Hook has a wealth of levels, each level is facing a different challenge, some levels may give a familiar repetitive feeling, but when you really enter the level you will feel different. The angle of the obstacles or the different areas they occupy will have an impact on your operation. In addition, you need to know that the difficulty of this game is not low, can be said to be a very test of your operating skills, the rest is to see how lucky you are. But the good thing is that although there are many levels, but the difficulty will not change much, so the difficulty will not be further increased. In the problem of difficulty will not change this problem is advantageous and disadvantageous, because the difficulty is too uniform, with the depth of the game will make players feel tired, thus reducing user stickiness.

Another point worth mentioning is that Stickman Hook has a lot of different costumes, such as puppies, insects and other cartoon images, and you will unlock more and more costumes as the levels progress.

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How to play

Stickman Hook is a difficult casual puzzle game where all you can rely on is your own actions. You need to control the stickman to move from one place to another until you cross the finish line. This game is a great test of the player's reflexes, in the game you must learn to quickly find the next landing spot, and in the process to avoid those ubiquitous traps.

In this game, the game's protagonist is a red matchmaker, but as the levels progress, you will unlock many different styles of skin. Although a matchmaker but played out the feeling of spiderman, in the process of jumping matchmaker will shoot a rope to hook the front fixed anchor point, and then use the physical inertia will be thrown to the next destination, until successfully cross the finish line. Sounds very simple, right? But when you start to play it does not feel so, because the strength of the jump and rope swing are very difficult to control, this situation will be improved after you fail n times.

I suggest you control the timing of the rope release, and then look for the most appropriate time to jump, and then use this method to keep moving forward, smoothly avoiding all the obstacles on the way to the final destination. Some levels are more complex terrain, at this time must not be anxious, you need to do is to balance their own mentality, control their own game rhythm, learn to win in a stable manner.

Stickman Hook does not have a unique way to pass the level, so other people's methods of operation only have a certain reference value.

In addition, there is a very important point, you must make good use of your hand in the rope, which will be your best tool to pass!

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