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PUBG MOBILE - Mad Miramar
PUBG MOBILE - Mad Miramar
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OS/Platform: PC PlayStation Xbox Android Ios
Size: 50MB Version: 0.18.0
Updated: May 7, 2020 Developer : Tencent Games


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"PUBG MOBILE-Mad Miramar" is an anti-terrorism military competition experience in the mobile game. The development of Unreal Engine 4, the next generation of perfect picture quality, the ultimate audiovisual experience; large real maps, creating fingertip battlefields, free to play tactics in all aspects; 100 players playing in the same field, real ballistics, perfect shots Feel; a one-click team of friends, voice revelation; bring you a shocking competitive experience.

The official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is designed specifically for mobile devices.

Fierce firefights and 10-minute chicken dinners.

PUBG MOBILE: Flora Menace brings a new state of epic free-to-play shooting to the unknown invaders.

Liberate the PUBG planet from the Yarilo invasion and fire away! Answer the call of battle and do your duty to defend the homeworld!

The cell-matrix is decreasing. Prepare to experience the pinnacle of Battle Royale!

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a 100 player skydiving survival game. There are one hundred players in each game. Before the game starts, everyone is scattered around the map. They look around the room for guns and props to make sure they can survive for long. As time goes on, the map gets smaller and smaller. Eventually, only one person or team survives each round.

To make the PUBG experience better, safe zones appear randomly in each match, which keeps it fresh for players. There are five maps for players to choose from, each with its own characteristics and landmarks that soldiers must fight for. If you are brave, bring your device to the PUBG series!

Land, grab, and defeat your opponents to become the only soldier standing on the battlefield.

Maps will randomly appear in safe areas as you search for gun supplies and prepare for fierce battles on various maps, so you'll need new strategies for survival and combat.

Entering the battlefield alone requires combat skills and strategy. You can also form a team of 2 or 4 people with your friends and fight together. This requires close cooperation and mutual trust between teammates.

PUBG MOBILE offers plenty of options to give you a whole new level of excitement and survival on every map. Call your friends to duty and play the new mode together! Feel free to fire at everything you see!

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How to play

Safe region

The safe area is a mechanism for players to gather battles. The safe area will be reduced once every few minutes (the smaller the safe area, the faster the refresh rate). If the players are outside the safe area, they will continue to be affected Resulting in deduction (Damage increases as the safe area shrinks.).

Warning zone

After the game starts, every once in a while, the map will take turns showing red areas, and within the red areas, it will be random Players who are bombed that will be knocked down or eliminated. The red alert area can be used to find buildings with roofs to avoid. The Karagin map uses a new black warning zone mechanism. There will be missiles bombing houses in the black zone. The bombing will also destroy the houses and kill the players in the house.

Health, energy

The initial health is 100. If the player is attacked by an enemy, stays outside the safe area, is in the alert area, or suffers fall damage, their health will be deducted. In a multiplayer matching team, if the health value drops below 0%, the knockout action will be triggered, and the teammate can help the teammate through "rescue". Health can be restored through the recovery props (such as medical kits, Part of the recovery props can only restore the health to 75. To return to 100, you need to use the energy props to replenish energy. The energy value will be converted into health value over time. If the energy value reaches more than 60%, the player's movement speed can be increased.

Conditions of victory

The last one on the spot Players or teams, the game will end, and the player or team won the first place. The settlement screen will show "Good luck, eat chicken tonight!" Words.


Airdrops are divided into ordinary airdrops and super airdrops. They are rich in materials. There must be a set of three-level protective gear and a chance of having one(The map of Karagin is there is a chance of outputGROZA、Mk 14、AWM、AUG、MG3 and their 60 bullets (MG3 is 100 bullets) (AWM is 20 bullets). Ordinary airdrops are dropped from the plane at regular intervals, and super airdrops can only be summoned in the safe area with a signal gun (armored vehicles are summoned outside the safe area).

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