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Dessert DIY
Dessert DIY
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
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Updated: Jun 29, 2022 Developer :


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Do you love desserts? Have you ever wanted to make your own dessert? Dessert DIY is a casual simulation game released by CrazyLabs LTD on September 15, 2021, where you can run a dessert shop and capture the hearts of your customers with your unique ice creams, yogurts and other desserts. You can run a dessert shop and capture the hearts of your customers with your unique ice cream, yoghurt and other desserts.

Dessert DIY's 3D graphics allow you to create tasty desserts from your imagination. The colourful graphics give each dessert its own unique look, and the colours come from a dazzling array of different fruits, jams, syrups and other DIY ingredients.

Dessert DIY is a realistic, in-depth recreation of the dessert making process, allowing players to have a more authentic experience. The game also offers many different types of desserts to choose from, as well as syrups, fruits, jams and many other ingredients, allowing players to give full play to their creativity and create unique and satisfying desserts for their customers. This gives you the satisfaction of creating a dessert that will please your customers. Players can use the money earned from selling desserts to upgrade the decoration of the dessert shop and upgrade your dessert shop to make it better and better.

Dessert DIY is a highly free-form simulation game where you can add all the ingredients you like and choose your own moulds, until you are satisfied. If you are a fan of simulation games, if you are a dessert lover, if you want to create unique desserts, then don't miss Dessert DIY.

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Dessert DIY is a simulation game in which players are able to create delicious desserts using a variety of ingredients and tools in a fun and simple way. The player has to run a dessert shop and can add his own creativity to it according to the customer's request to make the dessert to their satisfaction.

①Although Dessert DIY is a simulation game, it is an in-depth recreation of the process of making desserts, down to the very last step, but it is very easy to use.

②Players are also free to create their own desserts while satisfying customers' needs. They can choose their own syrups, jams and other decorations, and choose their own moulds to create their own special desserts.

③In addition to the high degree of freedom of operation, Dessert DIY is based on frozen desserts and offers players a wide range of frozen desserts to choose from, such as ice cream, cones, fried yoghurt and more. There are also many different flavours of syrup, fruit and other toppings that allow players to create better desserts.

Players can use the money earned from selling desserts to upgrade the decoration of the dessert shop and also unlock more dessert ingredients, as well as make the desserts better and more attractive, so that the dessert shop run by the player himself becomes better and better.

A variety of ingredients to choose from, rich colours on the dessert, with the player's own unique creativity, to create a dessert that will please his customers and make the dessert shop bigger and better! If you like desserts, if you like simulation games, if you like a high degree of freedom of action, and if your creativity has not yet been realised, then join Dessert DIY.

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