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Human: Fall Flat
Human: Fall Flat
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OS/Platform: PC PlayStation Xbox Android Ios
Size: 1.5GB Version: 1.10
Updated: Jun 27, 2022 Developer : 505 Games Srl


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Human: Fall Flat is a light-hearted and funny game. It was published by Curve Digital. You can play this game with three others. Once you start, you will get free new levels that will give you more rewards and help from the game community. Each level offers a new area to explore such as, Aztec adventures, industrial locations, spooky landscapes, castles, snow-clad mountains, and mansions. You can play on multiple levels, and solve puzzles to get more rewards. Let’s know more about this gameplay.

This game was developed in 2012 by Tomas Sakalauskas. This is a hilarious game, which is the main reason this game has been very popular with people. The game offers multiple areas where you collect coals and lumbers, customize your character, and many more. The various scope playing in this game makes it popular among many players.

The unique thing is, you will get multiple solutions to all the puzzles. This is not what you will get in any other puzzle game. You will have to play while trapped in an unrealistic world. You will have to walk on wobbly feet and find an exit. You can work as a team or sabotage the other to win the game.

The game may seem difficult at first, but you will get power leads to start the engines, gather coals and dump them in the furnace. This will help you maneuver the freight ship. The puzzles you will get in the game will help you polish your imagination and mechanical skills. You can cross the nine themed levels within just 5 hours. If you choose one of the first walkie-talkies, you can complete the position of your limbs introduced at first. This is a very simple topic. You have to use the left trigger to use your left arm, and the right one to maneuver your right arm. Once both arms are raised, you can use the stick to explore. Your arm will set into a position where you are looking. For instance, if you need to click the button to open the door, you have to stretch your arm out and check the button to level your limb with it.

This game has many unique features, which makes it a popular game. Before you learn how to play it, you need to know about its amazing features.

Since the launch of the game, the developer has been introduced to four new levels, and it’s for free. You will get to play in better environments with new challenges.

You can customize the human characters. Change outfits from ninja to astronaut, miner, skydiver, and chef. You select the head, lower and upper body to change the color.

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How to play

Human: Fall Flat is a funny game where the characters walk on wobbly legs and you have to maneuver their movements with some buttons. The game may seem complex at first, but it will become easy as you keep playing it. Let’s know about how to play this game and more.

Who is this game suitable for?

This game is suitable for younger players. If your age is 7 or over, you can enjoy this game. It includes teamwork, which will help you polish your skills. Other than 7 years old, this game is suitable for older people too. Read on to know how to play this game.

Step 1:You will see some rocks, and there’s the catapult, and you will get the wall that you have to destroy. This is where you will get the idea. You can get a cargo ship, and get the bigger one. For this, you have to row for ages. You will have to pull the levers of the two engines situated on each side of the ship, and then handle them. You have to pull the levers many times in this game.

Step 2:You can try grabbing the giant windmill instead of a regular jump. It will go round and round and you can let go when you reach a certain point. Then you can jump down on the platform. The game is filled with odd controls, which makes it hilarious. To maneuver the boa, you have to move your body back and forth, look up at the sky and then check the ground. It’s a hypnotic process, but this way you can row properly. You can use the boat for a long time, and most people use this to get a larger boat or a ship.

Step 3:When you are not crushing things in the game, you will be jumping or running. You can jump with your arms raised, so you can grab the edge and pull your body weight. You will have to do this many times in this game. You may fall into an odd place that may collapse and start a moment of panic.

Step 4:If you have to jump, you can always cheat. However, cheating is a hard word, but you can do slow climbing to complete some puzzles. You can scale the walls that you are unable to cross.

Step 5 :You have to cross large gaps in this game. You have to swing on something and then strategically release the hold. Your character can swing from objects like wires, chains, and dangling lights. When you land, you can reach new places and find out the latest secrets. You will be doing these things in Human: Fall Flat. If you are fine with the controls, then you can pick them up. Also, this is a multiplayer game so you can enjoy it with your family or friends. They can help you manage wobbly humans.

Human: Fall Flat is a fun game where your human character will walk on wobbly feet. The game has new features like the woods have surprises, you will get ten new skins, and you can play this game on your mobile.

The game is simple, and you can enjoy it with your friends. Share your opinions about this game, so others can play it and express their thoughts. Let’s make a game community for Human: Fall Flat, and help others. 

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