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Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley
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OS/Platform: PC Android Ios
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Updated: January 14, 2021 Developer : ConcernedApe


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   You inherited Grandpa's farm in Starwood Valley, but you only have the most basic farm tools and a little money on hand, and you have to start your new life. Can you turn this grassy field into a prosperous home? It's not easy. Life has changed since JOJA came to town. Community centers, once the most active place in town, are now dilapidated. But the valley seems to be full of opportunities, and as long as you are willing to work hard, it is possible to make Starry Valley more prosperous.

  Stardew Valley is an open rural simulation game released by Chucklefish. It is an agricultural simulation game, the main inspiration of which comes from the Harvest MoonGame series. At the beginning of the game, players create their own characters, own a piece of land in Pelican Town, and a small house owned by their grandfather. Players can choose from several different farm map types, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The farmland was initially flooded with boulders, trees, stump, and weeds. Players must try to clean them up in order to reuse farms, grow crops and livestock to generate revenue and further expand farm buildings and equipment.

   Players can also interact with (NPC), a non-player character living in a town. Including interacting with these characters and getting married. After marriage, NPC will help players take care of the farm. Players can also engage in fishing, cooking, and handmade, and can explore caves generated by programs to mine minerals or fight monsters in the game. Players can perform a variety of tasks to make more money.

  Characters have fatigue and health bars. If the player becomes exhausted anywhere outside the house, the player pays up to 10 percent of 1000 grams of gold and returns to the house the next morning and regains his strength. If players lose too much health, they will lose most of their energy and a random amount of money and items. The game uses a simplified calendar, only four months a year, representing the four seasons. The month decided which crops could be planted and what activities could bring benefits. In the later stages of the game, players can create greenhouses and grow any crop regardless of the current season.

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How to play

Role setting


After starting the game, players can create their favorite characters by pinching people. There are 24 kinds of skin color, 32 kinds of hairstyles, 112 kinds of clothes, and 20 kinds of accessories.


There are two different attributes of life and energy in the game.

Life: The UI is located to the left of the energy value in the lower right corner of the user interface. Only when the life is dissatisfied or when you are in the mine, the health value will be displayed. When outside the mine, the character only consumes health when hit by a train on a railway or attacked by a slime in the secret forest and slime house.

Energy: players consume energy when they use tools, fish, fight, or eat foods that reduce energy. Players can restore energy by eating a variety of foods and soaking in hot springs. If the player runs out of energy, the recovery effect will be halved. Eating the fruit of a star permanently increases the player's maximum energy by 34 points.


There are five different life skills in the game, namely farming, mining, gathering, fishing and fighting. Each skill has ten levels. Each level of skill will unlock different items.

Players can use different tools for different daily tasks to accumulate skill experience in this field, and then increase the corresponding skill level. Higher skill levels allow players to unlock synthetic formulas in the field, or choose to add huge professional skills to further strengthen the character's specialties. It should be noted that the recipes unlocked through skill upgrades need to be completed at the end of the day and can only be obtained after the automatic archive is completed.


The villagers are residents of the game Xinglu Valley who live in and around Pelican Town. Villagers have their own schedules, so players can find them in different places, times, and dates according to the daily arrangements of different villagers.

They will provide tasks, and players can also give them gifts to enhance the relationship. Each villager has unique likes and dislikes, and there will be different reactions to the gifts given by the players.



There are six kinds of farm maps to choose from in Xinglu Valley language. Each map provides a special farm layout and provides different advantages and special skills bonuses. Only one of the maps can be selected when you start the game, and you won't be able to change it again. Standard farms provide the largest area for farming and livestock. The other five types of farms have reduced arable area, but have been supplemented by special additions:

Standard farms are more conducive to farming; riverside farms are more conducive to fishing; forest farms are more conducive to foraging; hilltop farms are more conducive to mining; wilderness farms are more conducive to fighting; quadrangle farms are more conducive to cooperative models, and beach farms provide additional items to encourage players to look for food and fish.

The interior decoration of the farmhouse will be adjusted according to the farm type, and the exterior of the house will not be affected by the farm type.

There is an abandoned house on each map that can be used as a greenhouse.

Small town

Pelican Town is where the NPC live, located in Star Valley, in the eastern part of the player farm.

The northwest entrance to the town leads to bus stops and farms, and the southwest to the coal mine forest, where Marnie's pastures, Leah's cottage, and the Master's Tower are located. The south of the town leads directly to the beach. The north of the town leads to the mountains, where there are carpenter's shops, mines, adventurers' guilds, railways, and quarries.

At the beginning of the game, weeds were grown in the area near 2 Liu Lane, in the back of Joja supermarket and 1 Liu Lane house, and in the west of the community center, the area under Pelican Town Recreation ground. These weeds will die in winter but will reappear the following spring.

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