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Tall Man Run
Tall Man Run
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 281.9 MB Version: 1.29
Updated: Sep 14, 2022 Developer :


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Tall Man Run is a casual game released by Supersonic Studios LTD in January 2022. Tall Man Run is a casual game released by Supersonic Studios LTD in January 2022, and although the graphics are not particularly impressive, they are simple and smooth, allowing players to see the game in its entirety.

In the game, you will play a rubbery matchmaker, in the process of walking forward to make themselves as tall and strong as possible to defeat the robot in front of the end, and get the level of victory. Although the game is simple but the gameplay is very interesting, the game has many different types of obstacles you need to avoid, in addition, in the process of the game you will be in front of you to choose the numbers, these choices are critical to whether you can defeat the robot in front of the end or whether you can get a high score at the end of the level. It is worth saying that this is a game that is difficult to fail, as long as you avoid the obstacles, the level is very good to pass, but it is not so easy to get a high score.

There are many interesting levels in Tall Man Run, you can break into the adventure anytime, anywhere, when you complete the level, you can unlock many different colors or different styles of matchmaker, the content of each level is new to everyone the game is very rich, very interesting, worth a try!

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Tall Man Run is a casual game from Supersonic Studios LTD, with brightly colored cartoon graphics and smooth and detailed graphic design, which does not make people feel the cheapness of casual games, but gives them a very exquisite feeling. In addition to the graphics, the game's system is also very good, in the course of the game, there are few lagging situations, which is the reason why Tall Man Run is loved by players and has successfully made it to the top of the game.

Tall Man Run is a casual game, and the gameplay is relatively simple. In the course of the game, you will play a thin and so on matchmaker, before reaching the end, as much as possible to make yourself tall and strong, so that the higher the score will be. There are many obstacles and props in the game, you can slide the screen left and right to avoid obstacles and pick up props. There are many props to use in the level, for example: there will be a forward arrow on the ground, when you step on it, it will be bounced up, you can use this prop to avoid those obstacles that can not be avoided by swiping the screen left and right.

If you want to become a master of Tall Man Run, then you must learn to use the number symbols that appear in front of the road, these number symbols can make you taller, shorter, fatter and thinner, but as mentioned at the beginning, you need to make yourself as tall and strong as possible to get higher scores or beat the robot, so when you encounter the division and minus symbols of this kind, you need to try to avoid.

The game has a lot of interesting levels, in different levels you will face different challenges, each level requires a different score, you need to achieve these scores to pass. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the game will also increase! Try to see if you can beat the robot and pass the level!

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