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Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 85MB Version: 1.66.2
Updated: May 21, 2020 Developer : Imangi Studios


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Developer: Imangi Studios

Publisher: Imangi Studios

Game platform: Android, iOS

Release Date: January 16, 2013

Release stage: the official version

《Temple Run 2》The background of the game is set in the temple. Players must escape the chase of the devil's guard and cross the temple to capture God. This is a role-playing sports adventure game produced by Imangi Studios and LLC and released by Letuo Game Agent. This is a journey that cannot be carried out in any way, but it also brings hope to people, maybe it is an exit, maybe it is a victory. As long as we persevere, we will eventually reach the port of hope and the other end will win!

Now, get more exciting running, jumping, turning, and sliding in Temple Run 2 you like! When trying to escape with the cursed idol, walk through dangerous cliffs, ziplines, mines, and forests. How far can you run?

In January 2013, Imangi Studios launched the sequel of the game < Temple Run 2 >. The control and plot of < Temple Run 2 > is similar to that of previous games, but introduces new obstacles and is set in a new location. The protagonist must escape between temples, jungles, mines, and rivers. The route is also from the original. The straight line has been changed to a curved route, and the characters will move at a faster rate. The game also replaces the three "demon monkeys" of the previous generation with a large monkey.

In August 2013, the real adaptation role of Usain Bolt was opened, which was originally set to be purchased only during the activity period, and then changed to a role that can be purchased during the permanent period. In December, Santa Claus and Santa Claus were available for purchase, but only for a limited time, as well as water skiing scenes in the game; characters get Christmas hats each Christmas, but must first unlock Christmas charts, such as masks, socks, and so on.

In addition to Usain, Santa Claus, and Christmas mother-in-law, other characters are unlocked with money. Usain must actually pay for the purchase, while Santa Claus and Christmas mother-in-law are purchased with gems in the game. Although the characters look different, they are all in the game action instructions. the same.

Imangi Studios previously said that < Temple Run 2 > will be developed by Imangi's small development team and released in March 2012. However, < Temple Run 2 > was unexpectedly released on the App Store in New Zealand on January 16, 2013, and the international version was released a few hours later. According to Imangi Studios' statistics, the game reached 20 million downloads in the App Store in less than a week. The Android version of "Temple Run 2" was released on January 24, 2013.

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How to play

[ Screen sound effect: all-round upgrade ]

In terms of the game screen, < Templerun2 > is no longer as angular as a generation, and its fineness, spatial stereo, and game map quality basically represent the higher level of parkour games. In terms of color, the second generation is brighter and more realistic than the first generation.

In terms of game sound effects, < TempleRun2 > is not shocking, but it is more realistic and rich than the first generation, and the sound processing methods of different scenes are more delicate.

[ Gameplay: richer and more varied ]

Compared to the generation of running all the way forward, < Temple Run 2 > adds a number of new ways to play with steel cables, mine cars, cliffs, traps, etc. Players can say that the cable here refers to <PITFALL! >, the mine car refers to the < mine car escape rail rush >, but this collection is also not controversial. In summary, the gameplay of < Temple Run 2 > is more complicated and changeable, and players will always be nervous during the game.

[ Game control: simple and smooth without difficulty ]

The operation of < Temple Run 2 Templerun2 > is basically unchanged from the previous generation. The only actions involved are jumping, sliding, and moving left and right. If the player has played a parkour game before, it can be said that there is no difficulty in getting started with < TempleRun2 >. The biggest difficulty in the game is the continuous trap, but < TempleRun2 > supports pre-judgment, the player immediately slides down after the jump, the game can recognize the player's action, even if the character in the game has not completed the previous action.

[ Game system: full of blood in the original state of resurrection ]

First of all, < Temple Run 2 > adds the "Resurrection in Place after Death" feature compared to the first generation. Resurrection requires expensive diamonds, and the number of diamonds required increases with the number of resurrections. There is no change in the score and distance run after the resurrection, which is equivalent to exempting the player from this mistake. Of course, ordinary players can completely ignore the existence of the resurrection function, and the resurrection mechanism does not conflict with the game experience itself.

Secondly, < Temple Run 2 > also sets a total of four characters for two men and two women for players to choose from. Each character can set a special skill that players can choose from among stunts such as shields, gold coin collection, acceleration, and magnets. In addition, each special technology can also be upgraded, the higher the level, the greater the role in the process of parkour. The game has many mission challenges waiting for the player to complete in the escape and will receive certain rewards for completing the mission.

In short, in terms of the game system, < Temple Run 2 > adds the double-edged sword of resurrection mechanism, which improves the playability of special effects and mission systems.

[ Game Props: Diamonds (Gem) ]

< Temple Escape 2 > Resurrection props after death, the number of diamonds required for resurrection increases with the increase in the number of deaths. When SAVE ME is not upgraded, one diamond is required for the first time, two for the second time, four for the third time, and the N-1 power of 2 for the Nth time. Upgrading SAVE ME can reduce the number of diamonds used, but at least one diamond is used for each resurrection. For example, when upgrading SAVE ME1, reduce the use of diamonds to 1, the first death requires 1-1 diamonds, but the resurrection uses at least one diamond, so the first time is 1; the second time is 2-1, you need 1 diamond; the third time 4-1, you need 3 diamonds, and so on.

[ Task System ]

< TempleRun2 > adds the same task system as < Metro Parkour SubwaySurfers >, which increases the number of points by completing the task, and each upgrade can get items or monetary rewards, and level 5 can open the magnet for self-use props (double-click the screen when the upper left corner turns green after setting). Turn on the "Green Fighter" skill at level 9 (double-click when the upper left corner turns green after setting to get two green diamonds).

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