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Squad Alpha
Squad Alpha
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 112.20MB Version: 1.3.6
Updated: October 25, 2021 Developer : SayGames LTD


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Squad Alpha - Are you ready for a challenge?

Looking for a casual shooter that's easy to pick up and offers engaging action and a real tactical challenge?Squad Alpha is a top-down shooter with smart mechanics, tons of cool upgradable guns and addictive gameplay that will tickle your trigger finger and stimulate your strategic brain.

Dodge, duck, run and cover, then select multiple targets to complete endless levels of thrilling action and earn awesome rewards so you can upgrade your gear and prove your agents are worthy of Elite Squad Alpha!

Plan your moves and let the bullets fly in this edge-of-your-seat action game that's fun to play for 5 minutes or hours on end. Looking for a new version of a top-down shooter that combines tactical challenges with truly engaging gameplay, a sleek look and super cool sound, and plenty of collectibles to make sure there's always something new to keep you coming back for more and more fast-paced shooting action?

Squad Alpha is a semi-explosive game with intuitive top-down gameplay that's easy to pick up. But you can't just go out with all that gunfire. Clever mechanics and well-designed levels mean you'll need to pause your trigger finger, plan your moves and play angles to take out all the enemies, and gradually reach the end of the more challenging levels.

The action never ends - Over 200 unique levels, each requiring its own tactical approach and more clever strategies to master, and nearly 20 different bosses provide additional challenges and great rewards for your elite agents.

 Get the squad back together - Advance through the game and gather all of Alpha Squad's elite agents, each with their own unique style, skills and 4 different skins to collect and wear.

Bullet Points- Collect, cherish and upgrade over 30 different guns including pistols, shotguns, SMGs and more. Earn cash in levels and meet game benchmarks to build your arsenal and find the right gun for your shooting style, then fine-tune them in the workshop to create truly awesome weapons that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Not to mention grenades ......

Squad Alpha features simple and stylish graphics that are light enough to play on any device while looking sleek and cool, as well as a wonderful and atmospheric soundtrack to enhance the action and adventure.

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How to play

Squad Alpha is a very attractive Sky Vision arcade game with gameplay mechanics directly influenced by some of the best popular games, where transform yourself into an agent with an assassination mandate and your goal in the game is to start shooting your way through an almost infinite series of levels filled with enemies.

The mechanics of Squad Alpha are very simple: moving your hero is as simple as dragging your finger on the screen in the direction you want. Every time you want to fire, you must be stationary at a point on the map. You can equip a sniper rifle for silent kills, but snipers take longer to reload and have very little ammo to load. You can hide behind a wall to fire and make sure the bullet hits the enemy. When the circle below an enemy is red, it means there are no obstacles blocking your view. However, when the circle is gray, it means that there is some object acting as an obstacle, or he is out of range of your weapon, so shooting will be futile.  Sometimes you can even shoot unsuspecting enemies from behind. Switch weapons quickly to find the best one for the right situation. By forcing players to develop an attack strategy based on the type of enemy, it adds a very interesting layer of gameplay.

Each time you successfully complete a mission, you are rewarded with coins and upgrade materials that help you unlock new weapons while optimizing the properties of the weapons you already have in your arsenal.

While the initial parts of the game may be simple, it offers an excellent gameplay experience filled with frenetic shooting that can lead to death even if the smallest mistake occurs.

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