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Top War: Battle Game
Top War: Battle Game
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 1.7 GB Version: Varies with device
Updated: Dec 22, 2022 Developer : Topwar Studio


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As a hot tower defense game, Top War: Battle Game has many advantages that other tower defense games do not have, and is more creative and playable in terms of gameplay.

In addition to the normal tower defense game, Top War: Battle Game also has three camps, land, sea and air, according to your creative way of building, you can make your army play unexpected attack and defense effect, the game has a wealth of types of soldiers, free to choose the type of troops on the battlefield, to God's point of view to line up troops, expand your territory.

The game has a lot of original creative gameplay, which adds a lot of fun to the game. For example, in the game you can combine various buildings and combat units to complete the upgrade, so that your position has a stronger combat power, without spending a lot of time to build the upgrade, two units can be fused at will to quickly upgrade. The unique creative gameplay allows your legion and territory to choose the exclusive direction to upgrade, making the game more interesting.

The game has a huge player base, so you will meet a lot of opponents and good friends in the game. To keep developing your legion and expanding your power in this world full of standing, you can choose to join an alliance to seek shelter or create an exclusive alliance with your friends, and through your wisdom you can surely lead the alliance to grow and develop.

In a world of constant war, where people are homeless, will you be the savior? Come create a territory, join an alliance and become the supreme commander of the world together with your friends!

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How to play

Top War: Battle Game is an innovative strategy game that incorporates upgrade gameplay. Instead of waiting for long upgrade times, you can simply fuse two identical units together and upgrade immediately.

The world is ruled by the Dark Legion, the whole world is ravaged by the war, the world needs your help. After entering the game, you will start from a deserted island and gradually build up a base to train your army, and continuously increase your power to defeat the Dark Legion and thus liberate the land.

About the types of soldiers: the soldiers in the game can be divided into three types, respectively, the navy, army and air force, it is recommended that players who do not have kryptonite choose the army or navy. In the choice of soldier, you can choose more than one type of soldier together, but it is recommended that the main play a type of soldier, resources priority in the main play soldier, so that the development will be easier, otherwise more than one type of soldier together, late resources will not be able to keep up. The restraint of arms: the army has a restraining effect on the air force, the air force has a restraining effect on the navy, the navy has a restraining effect on the army.

About the heroes: each type of soldier has its corresponding different heroes to choose from, and these heroes can be starred, so you should allocate resources reasonably and leave them to the mainstream heroes, so that you can quickly improve your strength to a certain extent.

Each hero has its corresponding skills, and the order of skill assembly is recommended: Expedition Limit > Damage Enhancement > Damage Reduction, while skills can also be divided into common skills and rare skills, the same skill can be assembled at the same time rare and common.

Top War: Battle Game is a strategy game, different players have their own way of playing and opinions, you can exchange your experience with other players below, learn from experience to further improve their strength!

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