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Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042
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OS/Platform: PC
Size: 553 Version: PC
Updated: November 19, 2021 Developer : DICE


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Battlefield 2042 is a warfare first-person shooter in which the world enters a new era in the midst of a crisis that is sweeping the globe. With a different style to provide players with a better gaming experience, giving them more choices and room for creativity. In this game fight around that iconic and most important data center in each city. Tropical Hurricane. Players also fight for the innovative agricultural technology center that stands between the yellow sands. As players fight for control of a fleet of vehicles caught in the quicksand, huge sandstorms will continue to hit, as industry and nature collide.

Battlefield 2042 has wonderful graphics with the best rendered picture quality, and this game requires cooperation as a team in order to achieve victory. In addition, the game's controls are very touch screen friendly, so your experience is fully immersive.

This game also allows players to set their own maps and rules, you can set different attacking devices and victory rules to allow interested players to join the battle, and of course you can enter other players' battlefields. The game also features different characters, with a variety of roles and different skills for each character, allowing you to reduce your disadvantage when you encounter different enemy equipment. It also allows players to change the appearance of the character, such as changing clothing, helmets, etc., or simply change the full appearance, so that the character has more personal characteristics, making the game more playable.

 The future setting in this game makes a return to cutting-edge technology with new and modern hardware and equipment to enhance the player's sandbox experience. Each season will see the introduction of Battle Passes, which contain free and premium classes to advance the game world storyline.

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How to play

The battle revolves around a rocket launch site, a controversial space launch operation that has people racing against time. Next to the rocket launch site where the rockets are about to be launched, players not only have to race against time while fighting, but also have to overcome a hostile environment. In this dynamic map, always be on the lookout for enemy fire and impending storms.

The weapons used are mostly original semi-future weapons, but can be changed instantly with the latest instant change system, allowing you to change your weapons to the most suitable state for the situation, and you can mix and match different weapons at will, no longer limiting your character to the weapons you use, which increases your flexibility! Of course, you can also summon a variety of vehicles to fight at any time!

Players can instantly customize their own weapons in the battle, depending on the battle situation to change the scope, barrel, ammunition type or under the barrel hanging accessories. In addition, the game also provides a variety of vehicles to ride, and call air support through the tablet to drop the vehicle to any location on the map. The vehicles also offer an unprecedented teamwork mechanic, with each seat playing a key role in the battle, such as the vehicle's captain, driver, gunner, and anti-aircraft. The more team members aboard, the more you can use the carrier's capabilities. There is also a whole arsenal of weapons waiting for you to discover.

To unlock weapon accessories and carrier parts, players need to use specific equipment and increase its proficiency level. Weapon proficiencies can be obtained through kills, while carrier proficiencies can be obtained in relation to the specific function of the carrier. You can also improve proficiencies to gain looks and specialists. It's your battlefield, you call the shots.

These details provide a great deal of excitement and thrill in Battlefield. If you want to show your bravery and ability to lead your army to conquer all challenges, survival is the only option.

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