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Project Makeover
Project Makeover
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 188M Version: 2.61.1
Updated: Mar 31, 2023 Developer : Bubblegum Games


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Welcome to Project Makeover, an addictive mobile game that lets you unleash your inner stylist and transform the lives of your clients through fashion and design. Developed by Magic Tavern, Project Makeover offers a unique blend of puzzle and makeover gameplay. As a talented stylist, you take on various clients who are in need of a complete style overhaul. Your task is to match colorful puzzle pieces to earn points and complete levels, allowing you to unlock new outfits, accessories, and home decor items to give your clients a stunning makeover.

Project Makeover captivates users with its combination of puzzle-solving and fashion design. The addictive gameplay, where you strategically match puzzle pieces, keeps you engaged and motivated to progress through levels. However, what attracts users the most is the transformative aspect of the game. You have the power to change the lives of your clients by revamping their appearance, boosting their confidence, and creating beautiful spaces for them to live in. The sense of satisfaction from witnessing the positive impact of your makeovers is a major draw for players.

Project Makeover offers a wide range of content to explore and enjoy. With multiple clients to help, each with their own unique style preferences and stories, the game keeps you entertained and invested in their journeys. The graphics are vibrant and visually appealing, with stylish outfits, detailed home decor, and eye-catching animations. The attention to detail in the designs and the overall presentation of the game enhance the immersive experience, making each makeover feel satisfying and rewarding.

Magic Tavern, the developer of Project Makeover, has created other popular mobile games that focus on different themes and gameplay mechanics. They are known for titles such as Home Design Makeover and Manor Cafe. Home Design Makeover allows you to unleash your creativity in home renovation projects, while Manor Cafe combines puzzle-solving with restaurant management. Magic Tavern's commitment to creating engaging and visually appealing mobile games is evident in their diverse portfolio.

In conclusion, Project Makeover offers an addictive and empowering gameplay experience where you transform lives through fashion and design. The game's unique blend of puzzle-solving and makeover elements keeps users hooked. With its diverse content, vibrant graphics, and the ability to create stunning makeovers, Project Makeover provides an immersive and satisfying experience. If you seek a game that combines puzzle challenges with the joy of making a difference in someone's life, Project Makeover is a must-play for fashion enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike.

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How to play

Project Makeover challenges players with its unique gameplay strategy that combines puzzle-solving and fashion design. As a stylist, your objective is to complete levels by strategically matching colorful puzzle pieces. By earning points and completing levels, you unlock new outfits, accessories, and home decor items to create stunning makeovers for your clients. The gameplay strategy involves careful planning and strategic thinking to maximize your score and progress through the game. You must analyze the puzzle board, strategically place the pieces, and utilize power-ups to overcome challenging obstacles. Mastering the gameplay strategy in Project Makeover allows you to unleash your creativity and create truly transformative makeovers.

Project Makeover features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique style preferences and stories. From fashionistas to business professionals and more, you interact with a variety of clients who are seeking a style transformation. As you progress through the game, you encounter new clients and unlock new levels, each presenting different challenges and opportunities for creativity. The levels are set in various environments, from chic fashion boutiques to cozy home spaces. The combination of different characters and levels adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

For many players, the most challenging aspect of Project Makeover lies in strategically matching puzzle pieces to achieve high scores and complete levels within the given moves or time limits. As you progress, the puzzles become more complex and require careful planning to overcome obstacles and reach the target score. Additionally, meeting the unique style preferences of each client can pose a challenge, as you must carefully select the right outfits, accessories, and decor items to create their dream makeover. The most difficult part of the game often involves finding the optimal solutions that balance style, creativity, and puzzle-solving skills.

In conclusion, Project Makeover offers a unique and addictive gameplay experience that combines puzzle-solving and fashion design. The game's gameplay strategy requires strategic thinking, puzzle-solving skills, and creativity to complete levels and create stunning makeovers. With its diverse cast of characters and levels, Project Makeover offers a wide range of creative opportunities. The challenge of strategically matching puzzle pieces and meeting clients' style preferences adds depth to the game. If you seek a game that allows you to unleash your styling skills and enjoy a blend of puzzles and fashion design, Project Makeover is a must-play for fashion enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike.

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