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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 43.99MB Version: Varies with device
Updated: Dec 20, 2019 Developer : Lowtech Studios


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Survive as long as you can while challenging your friends in the quest to become the longest snake in Slither.io. Created in 2016, the game gained popularity in 2017. Although Slither.io is quite similar to the evergreen game Snake, it is a multiplayer version that comes with higher stakes and has more dramatic reactions. In short, Slither.io is the modern-day recreation of the classic Snake and it is huge on the internet today. Because it is a multiplayer online game, anyone on the internet can play at any time. Let’s discuss the description of this addictive game and find out what makes it so popular. 

In this game, you play as a snake and you have to grow bigger as much as you can. And, you have to nibble the orbs that you find around. However, the orbs vary in size and you can either find them in tiny dots or large glowing orbs. When you eat larger orbs, it helps to grow your length significantly. With this game, you can play against the others in a more free-flowing and colorful version of the classic Snake. The only thing for you to do is pilot your snake and pick up glowing orbs around the map so that you can grow. 

You can slide your finger across the screen or tap on a specific spot on the screen to change direction. However, you can’t pause the game when playing. Other players are doing the same on their screen, which is to eat the glowing orbs. When your snake collides with another snake, the body explodes and you have to start again. Every player wants to become the longest snake that anyone has ever seen. In addition, every player can access the scoreboard to find out how they are doing well against other players worldwide. 

There are some basic differences between Snake and Slither.io. The map that you find in Snake is quite small compared to the multiplayer version. Precisely, Slither.io has a massive map that seems almost endless. As such, you don’t have to worry about your snake crashing into the walls. Apart from that, you won't die even if you turn back and hit somewhere in your body. That was the most annoying part when people used to play Snake on their phones. In this new version, you can only die when you crash into the body of another player.

Another major difference between the two versions is that Slither.io doesn’t include power-ups that can impact the size and speed of the snake or make you invincible for some time. The game is simple and this is where the charm lies. You can even change the appearance of your snake without cost. You get to choose from a variety of skins that you like most. The skins simply change the appearance of the snake and don’t give any kind of special powers. 

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How to play

By now you must be aware of the objective of this intuitive game and how to control your snake. So, let’s discuss the fun part which is how to play the game effectively. Follow these steps and you are good to go. 

Step 1:When you are a tiny snake, try to find a large snake and move close to the snake’s tail or mid-section. The idea is to gobble up the delicious orbs that the large snake leaves behind after it dies. But be careful about this step because other snakes would be doing that as well. Sometimes, you may even end up having a battle with another snake. You may even face an opponent who wants to kill you.

Step 2:You have to engage the boosters and move ahead fast whenever another snake is moving in the same direction as you are. When you have enough lead, immediately make a U-turn towards the opponent so that the other one crashes on you. However, this might be slightly tricky to figure out at first. So, make use of the hexagonal map to calculate space. After moving forward quickly, the difference between you and your opponent is represented by the number of hexagons. They tell you when to make the turn.

Step 3:Another important and effective step that you need to master in this game is to coil your snake around the orbs and eat them up. As you know, you won’t die even if you hit your own body or tail. Hence, know how to coil around while capturing the orbs encircled by the snake’s body. Whenever you find plenty of orbs left by a large snake, never gobble them carelessly. First, coil around them and eat them later. It means that you have captured the orbs and would eat them slowly.

Step 4:Sometimes, it is wise to coil around smaller snakes and encircle them entirely. That way, they won’t find their way out and would bump into your body no time sooner. If the initial coil is bigger than the snake inside, the opponent may have enough space to move around. Therefore, draw smaller circles while trying to constrict your opponent until it crashes into you. 

Step 5:Here is a tough trick that you have to master when playing Slither.io. How can you escape effectively if your opponent has coiled you? The first thing that you have to do is create your coil within the big coil. Follow that path over and over again. Although it seems like circling yourself, it’s all about finding out whose patience runs out fast. 

Step 6:Given the popularity and size of the game, ensure that you have a fast internet connection. Or else, you would experience lag and that could be the deciding factor between life and death. Having great internet connectivity gives you the best experience that you can have while playing the game. 

So, what’s your favorite tip or strategy? What’s the biggest size you have ever achieved? Share your experiences in the comments and help new players.

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