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Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 143MB Version: 13.180.16
Updated: April 24, 2020 Developer : Supercell ltd


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Clash of clans short for COC, is a game launched by Finnish game company Supercell on August 2, 2012. Its content has both attack, city protection, and cultivation elements. With the change of the game, the center of gravity will shift from single-mode to multi-person mode in the later stage. The game uses a Q version painting style.

The iOS version of the game was released on August 2, 2012. The Android version of the game was first launched in Finland and Canada on September 30, 2013, and Supercell launched the game in Google Play markets in other countries of the world on October 7, 2013.

"Clash of Clans" mobile game is a classic strategy mobile game, this game very tests the player's strategic ability. The clash of tribes is based on the theme of strategy war. By operating their own village, players can gradually strengthen their forces, and then thousands of players can fight. After a village reaches a certain level, it can also form tribes with other villages to fight between tribes. In the Clash of Clans mobile game, you can not only form your own army and lead the tribe to victory, but you can also recruit the furious barbarians and the arsonist mages, and other players into your command! Build a village, drive away from the invaders, and fight. Millions of players worldwide. Build a powerful tribe with others and kill the enemy without leaving! In "Clash of Clans" you can also compete with players from all over the world, win their trophies, and feel the charm of the same arena. 

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How to play


Build cannon, arrow tower, and other buildings on the map to protect their villages. Players can build a total of four hero bases and a city attack machine in the game to build skilled heroes; can unlock the gods to fight with heroes in the divine pet training c upgrade the army through the laboratory (Laboratory) to improve the strength of the army. Super service training camps can also be used by businessmen to provide special capabilities to the general service. In addition, magic has been added, players must be in the base camp level 5 before they can build, spell factory, base camp level 4 or below can not use spells. Because other players attack and plunder resources, more defensive buildings, traps or walls, and tribal castle reinforcements need to be built to block or eliminate resources that invade players to protect themselves. After being attacked by players, you can click on the playback function in the defense record or avenge it, and village guards and shields can prevent other players from attacking. Has been launched to level 14 base camp. Starting at level 12, you can unlock the base defense. Large defenses, such as the giant Tesla electromagnetic tower, will be triggered when the service attacks the base camp.

Players can add a tribe after repairing the original tribal castle on the map. In addition, when a tribe can fight with more than five people (up to 50), the leader or deputy leader of the tribe can start tribal warfare against other tribes and join in small-scale battles.


When the player repairs the tribal castle, the player can join the tribe. Players can also create their own tribes. After joining the tribe, players can apply for reinforcements and spells from tribal players, but tribal castles must reach level 4 and have a dark spell factory to donate spells.

Tribal war

The number of participants in tribal warfare must be a multiple of 5 (up to 50). The player must destroy the formation of the other party in order to obtain the star of war, and when the time comes, the other side wins; if the star of war is the same, the destruction rate is higher than that of the other side, and the rate of destruction is the same.

Tribal versus League Competition

Launched in October 2018, the league race lasts seven days to fight against seven other tribes, with 15 or 30 members in each round. Each round has a chance to attack. After the league match will be settled, according to the tribal segment and the number of tribal victories, and the number of stars won by the player to obtain a considerable number of Soyuz coins, the Soyuz coin can buy spoils such as magic items in the store.


When the player repairs the tribal castle, the player can join the tribe. Players can also create their own tribes. After joining the tribe, players can apply for reinforcements and spells from tribal players, but tribal castles must reach level 4 and have a dark spell factory to donate spells.

Offensive rules of single and multiplayer games

The troops produced by the training camp can be used to participate in the league, and there are two mechanisms, namely, the single league and the multi-player league.

Single person online is a mechanism for attacking Goblin's stronghold and robbing them of their resources. As long as you get a winning star at any of the levels of this mechanism, you can get to the next level. With the promotion of the level, its difficulty has also increased, and its available resources have also increased. Resources at any level can only be snatched once.

Multiplayer online is a mechanism for challenging players around the world based on the pairing of game systems. Game matching systems are generally matched according to the number of trophies, so low-cost players have a certain chance of meeting high-end players. In this mechanism, in addition to a certain number of trophies and the resources of the players challenged, they can also receive additional awards in the league in which they are in. However, if the Challenger fails to win one or more of the three stars, he or she will lose a certain number of trophies.

Tribal competition

Launched in December 2017, members of the tribe can choose tasks and get scores if they are completed within a limited period of time. If you reach a certain score in the competition, you can get a reward, and you can get an extra prize if you get 4000 points (full points).

Architectural master base

On May 22, 2017, a new architectural master base camp was added. Players build buildings for resource collection and storage through a certain range of individual maps, such as training 11 different services through Barrack; upgrading services through Laboratory to improve the strength of the army. Level 5 of the architect base camp, which can build hero bases to produce skilled heroes, has been launched to level 9 master base camp while unlocking flying pig knights and more buildings.

Architectural master base confrontation

Players on both sides attack each other's architectural master base, by comparing the victorious stars won by both sides to determine the victory or defeat. If the number of victorious stars is the same, the destruction rate compared with each other, such as the same destruction rate as the victorious star, is longer than the time, and the shorter the attack time, the better. Resources can be obtained through competition victory and resource collector.

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