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Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
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OS/Platform: Nintendo
Size: 1.5 GB Version: Nintendo
Updated: November 6, 2021 Developer : Nintendo


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"Animal Crossing" is a video game developed and manufactured by the Nintendo Intelligence Development Division. After it was released in Japan in 2001, the version released in the United States on September 15, 2002 had additional elements and was released later. Player's Choice version, this game uses the built-in clock of the GameCube to create a continuously evolving world.

Because of its complexity, the game occupies 57 slots of the memory card, and the memory card has been attached to the game itself, and it contains a gift file that occupies one slot of memory. If the player also has an FC game in the game, The capacity of the entire memory card will be used up.

In Japan, Nintendo’s 64 version of "Animal Crossing" was released on April 14, 2001, and its new version "Animal Crossing Friends Club+" was released on GameCube in December of the same year. In addition, another new version " Animal Crossing e+ was released on June 27, 2003. Only Japan has a Nintendo 64 version.

The sequel to this game is "Animal Crossing" on the handheld Nintendo DS, which was launched in Japan on November 23, 2005, and added the network connection function, allowing players to interact with each other in each other's villages; good sales results Comment. The sequel to this series on home consoles was "Animal Crossing Family", which was released on Wii in November 2008, along with a new Wii accessory: Wii Speak.

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How to play

Nintendo regards Animal Crossing as a "communication game". This is an open game with a fixed plot. Players can live alone in it without being restricted by default plots and tasks. Many people enjoy the fun of "talking" with interesting animal characters. . Through the use of Gamecube’s internal clock, the game can be mapped to real time, so there are actual events happening, including Independence Day, Christmas, Halloween, or other regular activities, such as morning exercises, fishing competitions, Some players also deliberately adjust the time forward or backward to do time travel.

The obvious goal of this game is to expand the player's house. The house is used to place the furniture or props purchased and obtained in the game.

The civet cat character Tom Nook will open a shop in the game and give the player a loan (19,800 Bells) to buy the first house. This house is very small and can only put wallpaper, carpet, and radio. After paying off the first loan, the player can ask Rick to expand the house (requires 148,000 Bells). On the next day, the space of the house will increase immediately. After paying off the loan again, the player can choose to continue to expand the house space (398,000 Bells required) or build a basement (498,000 Bells required). After paying off the loan again, Rick can let the player expand one more time (798,000 Bells required).

Furnishings will affect Feng Shui. Putting items of a specific color in a specific location can increase the chance of finding bell coins or rare items. Feng Shui is also the basis for the Happy Room Academy to give points. As for trophies and items received on special festivals, they are not restricted by color or orientation. If they are placed, the chances of earning bell money or items can be increased.

The definition of good feng shui is: Putting orange furnishings in the north makes it easier to find bells and objects; putting red furnishings in the east makes it easier to find items; putting yellow furnishings in the west makes it easier to find bells; putting green furnishings in the south, Easier to find bell money and items.

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