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Identity V
Identity V
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OS/Platform: PC Android Ios
Size: 89.13MB Version: 1.0.707832
Updated: January 8, 2021 Developer : NetEase


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Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror video game developed and published by NetEase Games. and PC. It follows a detective named Orpheus as he slowly unravels the mystery behind a mysterious killing game within a manor. The series has had crossover events with the Danganronpa series, the Persona series, the film Edward Scissorhands, and the anime series The Promised Neverland.

Five players participate in single matches. One of them is tasked with eliminating the other four before they complete their objectives.[

It is a multiplayer asymmetric horror competition game published by NetEase Games.

The fear of one-to-many asymmetric horror mobile games always stems from the unknown.

Welcome to the thrilling party! Identity V is designed to be set in the Victorian era, with a gothic painting style, a mysterious storyline, and exciting 1 vs 4 gameplay that will bring you an amazing experience.

The intriguing setting starts with entering the game as a detective who receives a mysterious letter inviting him to investigate an abandoned manor house and search for a missing girl. And, as you get closer to the truth, you'll discover some frightening things.

Multiple game modes are available, and you can trade in the trading system using echoes, clues, shards, inspiration, and peepers.

Multiple modes, multiple characters, are you ready?

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How to play

Quick Matches or Rank Matches consist of five players. With one player as a Hunter, and the remaining four as Survivors. Each survivor is roughly classified into 4 different categories: Decode types, Assist types, Contain types, and Rescue types. The Hunter's objective is to find and eliminate all of the Survivors before they can escape. To do this, the Hunter must pursue each Survivor individually, then eliminate them by placing them down on a Rocket Chair. Meanwhile, the Survivor's objective is to try to escape via two Exit Gates by deciphering five Cipher Machines, or the Dungeon if there's one Survivor left. The Hunter is able to win the match by eliminating at least three Survivors, while the Survivors are able to win should three Survivors escape. If only two Survivors are eliminated and two have escaped, the match will end in a tie. Rewards vary based on the game mode.

There are various characters to choose from, each having their own abilities in-game. Apart from standard character skills in the game, there's another skill system called the Secondary Skills, available only for the Hunter and helping them track down survivors.

Other modes exist with different rules. In Duo Hunters, two Hunters team up against a group of eight Survivors. Blackjack plays like regular Blackjack, with one of the players becoming a Hunter with each round. In Tarot, a team of three Survivors (two Squires and a King) and one Hunter (playing as their team's Knight) face off against another team of the same composition, whose goal is to eliminate the opposing King before their rivals do. A temporary fourth mode (added in 2021), known as Nightmare Shadows or Chasing Shadows features six Survivors who have to race against each other in an obstacle course.

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