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FILL The Fridge
FILL The Fridge
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 231.8 MB Version: 3.2.0
Updated: Sep 1, 2022 Developer :


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In this busy society, there is a lot of stress everywhere, be it from school, work or family. In the face of this accumulation of stress, we desperately need to let off steam and relax, and there are now a variety of games that can help people to relax. There are various games that can help people to relax and there is a casual game called FILL The Fridge, which is not a pie-in-the-sky game, but a game that is very close to reality. In this game you play the role of a person who has just arrived home from a supermarket shopping trip and needs to put all the things you bought into the fridge in a neat and tidy way. When you look at the full and neatly organized fridge, doesn't it feel very relaxing and stress-free?

The graphics of FILL The Fridge are simple yet sophisticated, with crisp sound effects at the right time, giving you a different kind of experience. The game has a wide range of items, which may be small at first, but as the game progresses, the variety of items increases, such as soft drinks, milk and so on. The different shapes of the items mean that the way you place them changes, making the game more difficult, but also more playable. The game is very easy to play, you just need to put as many items from the supermarket into the fridge as possible, using different shapes to fill as many places as possible. The more stars you get, the more rewards you'll get. The more stars you get, the more rewards you get. In addition to this, there are also new cosmetic items that have recently been updated, so there is even more variety in the way you play!

All in all, FILL The Fridge is a great little casual game in terms of graphics, sound and content. Try it out and see for yourself!

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In February 2022, a game called FILL The Fridge was launched on the Android and iOS app shops. It is a new casual game with a new theme, which is closer to real life than most of the games on the market, and it helps players to relax better by making them feel more involved. It's a game worth checking out. In addition to this, the recently updated cosmetic storage game is a big hit with most female players! The game is very simple and your only goal is to fill up the fridge or your cosmetic organiser, so try it out!

You've just come back from shopping at the supermarket, so what do you do next? What do you do next? What did you buy? Milk, soft drinks and that brown sauce... That's a lot of stuff! So put it all in the fridge now! Don't put them in a haphazard way, but follow a certain pattern according to the different shapes of the items, so that you can put more and more neatly and get them easily when you need them later. When you think you've filled the fridge, close the door and wait for the system to score! The more stars you get, the more rewards you get!

The levels are very rich, and as you progress through the game, you unlock more and more items, which means that there are more and more different shapes, making the game more difficult. But will you feel satisfied when you have arranged all these things neatly and look at the full fridge and dressing shelf? Whatever you think, I think so!

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