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Garena Free Fire- World Series
Garena Free Fire- World Series
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 80MB Version: 1.60.1
Updated: May17.2021 Developer : 111dots Studio


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Garena Free Fire is a popular shooter game you can play on your mobile to have unlimited fun. You can spend ten minutes and find yourself on a remote Island. Every ten minutes will create a new experience when playing against forty-nine opponents. All will be trying to survive, and you can win by staying in the game till the end. You will have a lot of freedom when playing Garena Free Fire. You can decide the starting point using a parachute and hide in a safe zone wherever possible.

In this action-packed and fast-paced game, you can drive your vehicle along the vast map and become invisible whenever you want using rifts and grass. You can hide in the wild and look for the right opportunity. You can snipe, ambush, and survive when following one goal. When surviving, you need to fulfill all the duties and stay safe till the end.

You can battle in the style when playing this survival shooter game and use all the resources to dominate the competition. Once you start playing, you will find everything adventurous. You will keep exploring more if you love a lot of adventures. You are in a battle where you will encounter many surprises. You will feel like you are in a real-life scenario when you have to fight and survive to stay alive. You can use weapons, attack and loot your enemies, and stay in a play or safe zone. You can also explore the legendary airdrop and avoid airstrikes to gain an edge against your competitors. 

In Garena Free Fire, you will play for ten minutes against forty-nine players and explore several actions throughout the game. The fast and lite gameplay will motivate you to use all the tricks to stay safe and accomplish all the tasks. Also, you will have the option to create a squad of four players. Once you have the team, you can communicate with them and achieve more. The objective is to answer the call of duty, take the help of your friends, and lead to victory. You will have to be the last team present at the apex. 

You can also create a clash squad in the fast-paced 4v4 mode. In this mode, you can purchase your weapons, manage your economy, and fight against your enemy squad and defeat them. While playing, you will have to avoid taking risks and observe the setting to play safely. You should always pick the right situations and fight wisely. When you are alone, you should avoid it when there are more than two opponents. Before taking any step, you will have to think about the outcome. You can stay safe and play well if you take every step with planning.

Apart from that, you will appreciate its easy-to-use controls and smooth graphics. The graphics are beautiful and can support your adventure. They will offer an optimal survival experience and inspire you to explore more on your mobile. The recent updates make Garena Free Fire even more exciting. Now, you will have new clash squads, a new character, a new map,  a new weapon, and many other things.

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How to play

You can play Garena Free Fire like other battle royale games. The objective is to survive regardless of the complexities that will come and block your way toward the end. You can choose the starting point, but you will have to stay safe till the endpoint. Also, you will have to attack and loot your enemies. You will need the right gear to fight and defeat your enemies.

Once you start exploring Garena Free Fire, first, you will have to choose the most appropriate character. When progressing, you can unlock different characters you will need to support your game. All the characters will have specific abilities and can help you to dominate the competition. Also, you will have to know the gameplay before choosing any characters. There are different types of characters to suit specific situations. Hence, you should understand the complexity, and then you can have the character accordingly.

In addition, you can use the minimap to see the nearby players.  The map will show the location of your enemies and the place they are shooting. In brief, you will have an idea about the area and activity of your enemies using the minimap. You can use the reticle to know the movement of your opponents. The reticle will change color when your enemy is in the crosshairs. You can use the reticle to scan the areas whenever you have confusion. You can sense the presence and start attacking if there is a color change.

In addition, you can use the objects to get coverage and protection when someone is firing at you. Fires are unpredictable, but you have to find ways to stay safe. You can be under the grass or remain safe in the wild.  You can hide between trees and buildings and find ways to move safely. You can decide based on your position and things you have in your surroundings to find the best protection. Always be observant when playing if you want to stay safe during surprise attacks. 

Also, you will have to understand when to attack and when to stay safe. It is not about killing more enemies to win the game. You will have to survive till the end when playing a battle royale game. You will have to follow this objective throughout the game. Therefore, you will have to develop survival strategies instead of giving all your attention to killing your enemies. If you want more help, you can go through the following steps.

Step One: Choose the Right Character.There will be different characters with specific abilities in the game, and you will have to choose a suitable character based on the situation.

Step Two: Use the Minimap.Use the minimap to know the location and actions of your enemies.

 Step Three: Develop Survival Strategies .You can win the game by surviving till the end, not by killing all the enemies.

Garena Free Fire is an entertaining game that will test your survival skills. You can develop winning strategies with regularity.  Share your proven tricks and help beginners perform better.

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