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Magic piano Tiles Pink
Magic piano Tiles Pink
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OS/Platform: Android
Size: 66MB Version: 1.3.9
Updated: Dec 15, 2022 Developer : Finger Rhythm


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Magic Piano Tiles Pink is a new but popular video game that features addicting gameplay and can entertain players of all age groups. You can explore the game more and play with your friends using the multiplayer mode. You can play songs from your smartphone library and have more fun while playing Magic Piano Tiles Pink. Once you start playing this game, you can tap the black tiles consistently,  follow the rhythm, and avoid missing any tiles. You can play attentively and get a high score. However, you can get some gifts when you have three stars.

When it comes to features, Magic Piano Tiles Pink can entertain all players and make the setting inspiring with some advanced features. The game has more than 1000 songs, and you can enjoy real music and play in a musical environment. Moreover, it adds hot songs weekly to make the game more entertaining for regular players. You can also try variations,  upload songs from your library, and have more fun. As stated earlier, there will be a multiplayer mode that you use to play with other online players and boost your skills. 

In addition, you will love innovative graphics and design and feel inspired to spend more time when playing Magic Piano Tiles Pink. The game features easy gameplay that everyone can try, but you cannot master it without regular practice. Hence, consistency is the key if you want fast progress. It will be more challenging if you have to tap the tile to match the highest speed. Observe the game and make improvements to perform well. Also, you will have the option to compare your scores with other players competing across the globe. You will be more confident with consistent progress and can hone your skills. You can store your data on multiple devices and play in your convenient place with any available device. 

Play the game, win rewards, and use them to perform well. Also, you can earn rewards by watching ads. You can get diamonds and many other things. You can take part in missions and make some points. While playing Magic Piano Tiles Pink, you can try available game modes to explore different areas. You can discover more challenging songs and understand the game more. Some game modes can challenge even experienced players. When participating in those challenges, you can use your hard-earned diamonds.  

While playing this game, you might feel like repeating the steps, but you can challenge yourself once you feel confident. The key is to try different game modes and embrace more challenges to perform well. Instead of limiting yourself to easy songs, explore challenging ones and challenge other online players in multiplayer mode. You can spend more time on the game and unlock new features and game songs.  The game will have a wide selection of songs. You can discover them one by one by exploring more. You can spend your diamonds to unlock new songs or play more to have them.

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How to play

Magic Piano Tiles Pink can be ideal for those who love music and piano. Since it is a piano game, you can perform better if you love music and play piano. You can become a real pianist and explore different types of music, including complex and easy ones. Most importantly, you can challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and enjoy your favorite songs from your smartphone library. The game will enable you to play with a free spirit. 

When it comes to playing preferences, everyone can play this game, including kids, girls, or any adult. In Magic Piano Tiles Pink, you need to tap on tiles depending on the beat and earn points. You can get the highest score and challenge yourself by unlocking complex songs. When you are a beginner, you can start slow, observe the game, and understand the surrounding. It is better to maintain the slowest possible space to avoid making mistakes. The game will create more challenges if you start playing complicated songs without experience. 

Choose a slow song fast, improve gradually, observe the setting, and know how it works. Once you become familiar with the game, you can explore more difficult ones. Also, play using your fingers to perform well. Many players use one finger when playing this piano game.  They think they can hit all the bars if they use one finger. But this strategy will hold you back and impact your performance. You can use two to three fingers to hit all the bars and notes when playing this game. If you hit all the bars, you can get a higher score. Therefore, you can use more fingers instead of one to perform well in the game. 

When playing Magic Piano Tiles Pink, you will have to learn how to strike the bars according to the speed and rhythm of the music. You can hit bars perfectly with practice and earn more points. However, you will take time to learn the momentum and rhythm to hit bars at the right time. You can get perfection and perform well with practice. Here are a few steps to make fast progress when playing Magic Piano Tiles Pink.

Step One: Start Slow.While playing Magic Piano Tiles Pink, you can start slow and play easy songs. Understand the game and its setting and master the gaming art. Listen to the songs and understand the rhythm before playing. 

Step Two: Unlock New Features .In Magic Piano Tiles Pink, diamonds are the main currency. They will help you unlock new features and get more benefits. However, you can buy diamonds with real money since they are not free. You can also unlock new features by playing more.

Step Three: Replenish Lives.You might find the game frustrating if you perform poorly. You might get low scores when you miss many tiles. However, you will have fifteen lives in the game and can use them to progress and play a new song. 

Magic Piano Tiles Pink is easy to play but requires skills to perform better. You can improve your gaming skill only by playing it. Play the game in your free time and share your winning strategies.

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