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Green Hell
Green Hell
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OS/Platform: PlayStation Xbox Nintendo
Size: 8GB Version: PlayStation
Updated: January 29, 2021 Developer : Creepy Jar,


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Green Hell is a survival video game developed and published by Creepy Jar. The game takes place in the Amazon rainforest.

The story revolves around Jake Higgins, an anthropologist, and rainforest researcher, who wakes up in the jungle at the edge of the Amazon. He tries to familiarize himself with his surroundings to ensure his survival and find his love, Mia, again. She is a linguist who wants to make the first contact with the indigenous Yabahuca. The story is told from the first-person perspective of Jake, who notices that his wife is in danger. His only contact with her is through the radio.

The dangerous and deadly but beautiful Amazon rainforest

- Body Check Mode

- Numerous flora and fauna and dangers await the player to discover

- Environment and context affect the player's psyche

- The impact of environmental changes on the ecosystem

- Intriguing storytelling

- Dynamically changing environments

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How to play

The game is played in the first-person perspective in single-player mode or in coop multiplayer. It is an open-world simulation in which the player has to ensure their survival by collecting raw materials and food as well as crafting objects and cabins. The player starts in alone jungle camp without any further context. The environment of the game changes dynamically and influences the physical and psychological state of the character, e.g. in the form of hallucinations. Furthermore, the player must pay attention to a balanced diet, which is explained by a smartwatch. The player must sleep enough and must maintain their health by e.g. avoiding contact with poisonous animals or unsavory food and avoid injuries. To restore health, the player can make medicine and bandages. A compass and GPS serve as navigation aids.

In the optional story mode, the player follows a frame story that revolves around the search for their missing lover.

The game's environment changes dynamically and affects the character's physical and mental state in the form of hallucinations, for example. In addition, a balanced diet must be observed, which can be explained by the smartwatch .

It is necessary to get enough sleep and to stay healthy, for example by avoiding contact with poisonous animals or salty food and avoiding injuries.

To restore health, medications and bandages can be made. A compass and GPS are used as navigation aids.

In the optional story mode, players follow a frame story that revolves around the search for their missing lover.

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