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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG
MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 262.6 MB Version: 6.5.1
Updated: Oct 27, 2022 Developer : Scopely


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Are you a big fan of the Marvel movie series? Do you want to be like the superheroes in the movies and fight against the forces of evil? Then we recommend you to try MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG, which is a role-playing game released by Scopely

This is a role-playing game released by Scopely in March 2018, in which you can play as the characters in the Marvel movies, through the rich fighting effects to put yourself in the superhero's shoes and fight criminals.

This game basically restores the movie of the superheroes and super villains of the ability, so the combat graphics are very good, you can experience the full fun of the battle. In addition, MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG according to the character skills combined with the appropriate skills sound, when you control the character to fight will be full of immersion, to bring you a legendary combat experience.

The game is based on the Marvel movies to create a very large number of superheroes and criminals, the world is currently suffering from aggression you need to assemble your battle squad, together to maintain world peace. You are not outside you can only choose to play the role of superheroes? Actually not! After all, some of the villains are still very cute, so you can also choose to play the role of super villains in the Marvel series of films

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG overall use the form of real-time battles, according to your strength system will match you with the strength of the level of players and you to fight, to a certain extent to play a role in balancing the game difficulty, adding to the fun of competition. There are many different characters in the game, each superhero or super villain has different skills, the combination of different skills, will get unexpected effects in the battle.

Gather your allies and fight for peace!

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How to play

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG in the gameplay of the 5 V5 combat gameplay and real-time combat form. Each turn you can use five characters on the field to fight, it should be noted that different characters have different characteristics, the reasonable use of these characteristics can help the battle becomes more simple and efficient. For example, some characters are more meat, it is suitable to be placed in the thousand Europe to absorb damage, while some characters are more brittle but high damage, it is suitable to be placed in the back row of the enemy for sustained and effective output. Real-time match game play allows you to better play against your opponents. Real-time matches with other players often result in situations that are not intended, and the story does not follow the same rules as the AI, so the playability and fun of the game is enhanced.

When you first enter the game, you will have a period of rapid upgrade, until you reach level 20 your upgrade speed is very fast, you just need to follow the game guide, complete the corresponding tasks to upgrade. In addition to a few characters that come with the game, you can collect pieces to unlock new heroes if you want to acquire more characters.

In the battle mode, both you and your opponent need to control five characters to fight in real time, because it is a turn-based game, so you will switch to the next hero to attack after each skill, and your opponent is the same, when the character's feet light up blue circle means that the hero will attack this turn, you can click on the opponent's hero to choose the character you need to attack.

The game takes into account the player's understanding of each character's skills and characteristics, and the reasonable control of the heroes and other users to fight, you can target the same target to attack first to defeat it off the field, so you put the heroes will have more advantages. In addition to fighting, you can also communicate with many comic book fans together, do not come to play together to see!

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