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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 117.44 MB Version: 8.2.0
Updated: Mar 19, 2023 Developer : Elex


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Love Nikki is an addictive dress-up experience with high-quality graphics, a rich and engaging story, and a variety of other game features.

Focuses on dress-up design with high graphics quality and fun gameplay. A three-dimensional gaming experience for girls. Dedicated to the wonders and dreams of girls.

Interesting storyline, the great designer King Saya passed away, leaving behind three heirloom pieces. The countries are on the verge of war for the right to own the three posthumous pieces. In the end, everyone agrees to decide the ownership of the three posthumous pieces through a matching tournament. The match was held in the border city of Ruhrtan between the Apple Federation and the Pigeon Kingdom and lasted for nine days. The match was a gripping one, with designers retreating from the competition in disgrace or fighting to the death. The competition was so intense that it became known as the "Nine Day War".

After the final summit showdown, the result of the competition was surprising, and the great matchmakers who were expected by all countries did not win the competition. The final winners were two newcomers, Princess Ellie of the Pigeon Empire and a pink-haired commoner woman. At the age of 16, Princess Ellie of the Pigeon Empire won two posthumous pieces and was called the "goddess of rebirth". A commoner woman, who called herself "Housewife L", won the remaining posthumous work, and after the competition, she seemed to have disappeared and was never found.

In 676, the year of the New Calendar, twenty-year-old Ellie succeeded to the throne, and the era of the "Iron Queen" Ellie began. Queen Ellie ordered the formation of the "Iron Roses" matching master group, with ten matching masters who all had great strength. They began to search and compete for clothing parts all over the continent. One day, Nuan Nuan is summoned to Miracle Land by the Queen of Lillith Kingdom, hoping she can change the fate of the world.

The main character Nikki will embark on a magical journey through seven countries with different design styles and develop various stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries. With nearly 300,000 words of dialogue and descriptions, the plot rivals that of a novel!

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How to play

Love Nikki is a role-playing game. In the game, you will control Nikki, a young woman whose goal is to become a leader in the fashion industry. As the story is revealed little by little, you will travel to seven countries.

Although it doesn't look like it at first, Love Nikki's story is actually very important. During the adventure, you will meet dozens of unique characters and have a lot of interesting conversations, mainly about the fashion world and their relationship with the main character. Gradually, you will discover the truth about this heroine.

Regarding Love Nikki, thousands of costume options are one of its best features and you have to find out the best outfit to match. After matching an outfit, the program will give you a score. Work your way through this system and try to win in all fashion grand prix.

Tens of thousands of gorgeous outfits, daily fashion, European style, antique, dreamy fairy tale, unisex handsome, future sci-fi ...... cover almost all dressing styles. Players can collect new clothes and enrich their closet by completing daily tasks in the game. With the support of a great team of artists, we are constantly adding new outfits every month to make sure the game keeps up with new trends.

Hundreds of styles to design freely, in our free design mode, players are free to design clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, and even change the background and layout to their liking.

Customization, by collecting different colors of dyes, players can freely change the color of clothes. By collecting clothing patterns and breaking down excess clothing, players can customize their own clothes and upgrade simple outfits into more elegant and fashionable ones.

Designer Dress Up Battle, where players can compete and battle with designers from around the world in different dress up themes. More than ten different "abilities" can be used for dress-up battles. Use your "abilities" at the right time to turn the tide!

Love Nikki is a fun and original game and is paired with rich content and beautiful graphics.

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