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Leap Day
Leap Day
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 81.79 MB Version: 1.119.5
Updated: Mar 22, 2022 Developer : Nitrome


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There's never a shortage of clever ideas to build this fast-paced platformer around a great concept. Each day, they release a new level - including new traps, enemies and locations - for players to solve. With Leap Day's challenging jumping puzzles and sweet retro style, this is a game you'll want more of. Frequent checkpoints keep you moving along, and earning a trophy by completing a day's worth of levels feels like an amazing achievement.

Leap Day is a fast-paced action platformer with a whole new level every day!

...... No really every day!

... It's like until the end of time!

This game is all about nostalgia and classics. You can't miss a pixel game like this, adventure and choice, full of positioning and surprises, choose the path you want to tread and keep going, Junior! Leap Day belongs to players who love challenges.

Leap Day is an action game. By controlling the character's movements to collect props, the unique elements can definitely make the player enjoy the game more. Players should pay attention to step on the archive point, so that the resurrection will not be resurrected at the birth point. The exquisite detail design makes players deeply love this game.

The game screen is simple, the game play is wonderful; retro game for unique game challenge; create a very beautiful pixel game world. Come and choose your brave pixel together with the adventure.

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How to play

Leap Day is a very fun game in which you show off your skills in front of an audience who will watch you climb as high as possible to complete the daily challenges. Enjoy a brand new level every day and the climbing never stops.

This jumping game gives you a new challenge each day as you jump between platforms and bricks with spikes and other hazards in an effort to survive. To climb, you need to bounce on all items as much as possible, meaning you need to respond to your character's movements at all times. Since you can't manipulate his direction, make sure to jump at just the right time.

You will get all the collected items by jumping in the game, and the game exists different characters as well as selfie action, the elements are very unique, by jumping upward, the player needs to operate the main character to continuously through the climbing, in the process of climbing to collect various fruits. Faced with obstacles ahead, players need to take timely measures to avoid dangerous elements until climbing to the top. Get more fun, and in the game you need to keep archiving, when you die, you will be reborn from the archive, avoid all the monsters to get the final victory it!

The really interesting thing about Leap Day is that it's different every day, so you'll never get bored. Face new monsters every time you play and escape from never-before-seen traps every time you open the game.

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