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OS/Platform: PC PlayStation Xbox
Size: 45GB Version: PlayStation
Updated: February 5, 2016 Developer : Firaxis Games


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XCOM 2 turn-based strategy game in which a military organization trying to repel alien life is defeated, but they are the last line of defense against their invasion of Earth.

The aliens rule the Earth, promising a bright future for humanity, but hiding a sinister plan in the shadows. As the leader of a guerrilla force against all odds, you must ignite a global fire of resistance to destroy the alien threat and prevent the extinction of the human race.

The Avenger, an alien supply ship converted into an XCOM mobile headquarters, is now in your command. In the open game world, dispatch attacking forces around the world, gain popular support, and expose the aliens' evil plans.

Each of the five types of troops has its own skill tree, allowing you to create unique soldiers according to your own tactical plans.

Tactical Guerrilla Warfare: The new game system brings more tactical flexibility to combat. The world's situation will shape the environment of each combat mission. Use stealth to ambush enemy patrols. Capture valuable equipment and supplies from the enemy. Rescue VIPs to save fallen companions and bring them to the evacuation point.

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How to play

You play the commander of the same military organization, this time with a mission to resist the aliens that have taken over Earth, and you manage a place called Avenger, the new mobile base of the Phantom.

Your task is to issue orders to the members of the team to fight the aliens while supervising the engineering and research departments during the mission to work to create or improve tools, weapons, and technology that will help in the fight.

Soldiers need to be managed, and each soldier is assigned to a profession, each with its own skill tree and abilities, for example, bombardiers can use demolition equipment and grenade launchers, while rangers can be equipped with melee weapons.

You can upgrade your armor and weapons at the Avenger base. Each mission's environment is influenced by the conditions of that location, and the maps are generated in a randomized form with different terrain and buildings.

Battles, classes, and enemy types can be created on your own and can be shared with others via Steam Workshop.

Your squad will all be lurking in the Darklands, undetected by the enemy, and during its time can deploy his troops to fight or stage ambushes.

After the battle, you can loot the remains of enemy corpses to obtain weapons, upgrade parts, and processing items. You can also hack into the enemy's electronic weapons (such as turrets, etc.) and use them for a period of time or turn them off.

In the game, if a character soldier dies and the player feels the need to abort the mission, he can retrieve the soldier's corpse to save his equipment. Likewise, if a soldier is badly wounded and you feel the need to abort the mission, he can take control of the uninjured soldier and take the wounded soldier off the map to revive him.

Because of the large number of "hit and run" missions, you often need to rush through the mission and return to the extraction point immediately.

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