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Omega Legends
Omega Legends
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 111.15MB Version: 1.0.77
Updated: March 10, 2021 Developer : IGG SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.


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Omega Legends is a Fornite-style Jedi escape game, enter the virtual world and battle other players in this sci-fi survival shooter. Jump into fast matches and use great abilities to dominate the battlefield.

Omega Legends is a sci-fi battle royale shooter set in the near future where the game known as "Omega" is taking the world by storm! Choose a hero and use their abilities to defeat the competition. Choose to fight alone or team up with friends for fierce battles with up to a hundred participants. Hunt down enemies, build defenses or take cover and be the last man standing at all costs!

The journey to becoming a legend begins with the character selection screen that pops up when you click the play button on the title menu. Once you reach the character selection screen, the tutorial will begin.

After confirming your chosen character, the game will guide you into the main lobby with other players and bots.

You can test your character's abilities and skills in the lobby during the countdown. Once the timer goes to zero, the game will automatically transfer your character to a transport and use your glider to reach the battlefield. When landing make sure to select key locations to access weapons.

Heroes with unique abilities to suit different game styles. Any hero can dominate the battlefield in the right hand! Whether you prefer stealth, surprise attacks, healing or defensive gameplay, there's always a hero to match and enhance your strategy. Use your hero's abilities at the right time and dominate every match!

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How to play

Omega Legends' control system is the kind you're used to in this kind of title: you use your left thumb to control your character's movement, and your right thumb to aim, shoot, collect items, and interact with any element of the game. You can also use the options menu to customize the controls to your liking.

Omega Legends has a very similar gameplay development to other Jedi escape games such as PUBG, Creative Destruction or Fortnite (which also share the same visual style). You start by launching yourself over an island full of weapons, and your goal is to defeat the other players before they defeat you.

One of the elements that sets Omega Legends apart from most other Android Jedi Escape games is that you can pick from a number of different heroes, each with his own skills. Similarly, as you upgrade, you can unlock game modes. At first, you'll only be able to play the classic team and individual modes, but soon you'll be able to play the frenetic Deathmatch mode.

Battle players from around the world in multiple modes, fight to be the last player standing in classic survival mode, or outsmart and outwit your opponents in the new covert action!

Massively multiplayer battles on dynamic maps, with beautiful maps that serve as backdrops for large battles. The terrain changes during the battle to provide an immersive experience! Experience the innovative game mode "Covert Action", where the key to victory is a single kill.

Choose from a wide variety of guns modeled after real guns, each with a unique shooting experience! Use a wide variety of items at your disposal, including highly destructive fragmentation grenades, flashbangs and smoke grenades to disrupt visibility, and explosive mines that can be hidden.

Omega Legends is an excellent Jedi escape game that gives Android phones the most Apex Legends-like gaming experience. The game also has great graphics, offers diverse game modes, characters, different skins for the heroes and weapons.

Presenting beautiful and stunning battle scenes. Bring you an immersive anthropomorphic combat experience, the original stealth mode, will bring a unique gaming experience, grasp the timing, a blow to the enemy, will be the thrill of deciding victory!

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