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OS/Platform: PC Nintendo
Size: 15 GB Version: PC
Updated: September 17, 2020 Developer : Supergiant Games


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Hades is a high-degree-of-freedom hack and slash dungeon game that combines the traditional features of many classic Supergiant works, including the fast-paced battle "Bastion", the colorful game environment, and the in-depth "Transistor" with the game The characters advance and the storyline is ups and downs in "Pyre".

Out of hell

As the immortal prince of the underworld, you will wield all kinds of weapons full of supernatural power from Mount Olympus, break free from the claws of death in the sinister journey, and become stronger and stronger. Every time you escape, you will open more wonderful things. story.

Unleash the anger from Olympus

The gods of Olympus will provide you with blessing! In the adventure with Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and more great gods, get dozens of powerful gifts to make your fighting power soar. Embark on the journey to escape from the dark hell, with various game characters to accompany you all the way to subdue the demons.

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How to play

"Hades" is a self-contained rogue-lite game that combines a variety of gameplay in surprising ways to create great fun. The fast-paced and refreshing action content and countless punishment contracts make it highly replayable. Its character interaction part is similar to a dating simulator, and through a variety of designs, the challenge of the player’s failure is also turned into the game content. One ring. "Hades" also exquisitely reinterprets a group of old characters with thousands of years of history into a modern sense, and its expressiveness is comparable to serial animation. I have been playing for more than 50 hours, a total of 70 attempts to get out of the underworld, and I am still looking forward to the next trip to the underworld. "Hades" is really an unforgettable journey.

The protagonist of this game is Hades's son Zagreos. He wants to travel through a huge underground labyrinth to regain his freedom. The game uses a 45° overhead view. In every random room, groups of undead with different actions will crowd the screen, threatening your life. Fortunately, Zag is a skilled warrior, he can use six different weapons, each of which has four forms. Each weapon corresponds to a play style. Do you want to go deep into the enemy line and challenge the devil? Then choose the most simple and easy to understand Blade of the Underworld. Do you want to slowly kill the enemy from a safe distance? Then release your hunting instinct and use the bow. Later, you can also unlock battle shields, spears and other things. Each gameplay is quite different, which makes this game very replayable.

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