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Slay The Spire_Nintendo Switch
Slay The Spire_Nintendo Switch
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OS/Platform: PC PlayStation Xbox Nintendo Android Ios
Size: 12GB Version: 2.2.4
Updated: February 19, 2021 Developer : Mega Crit Games


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  In Slay the Spire, the player, through one of four characters, attempts to ascend a spire of multiple floors, created through procedural generation, battling through enemies and bosses. Combat takes place through a collectible card game-based system, with the player gaining new cards as rewards from combat and other means, requiring the player to use strategies of deck-building games to construct an effective deck to complete the climb.

  Slay the Spire has been well-received. It was nominated for several accolades in 2019 and is considered the game that launched a number of roguelike deck-building games.

  Dynamic deck construction: choose your cards wisely! Every time you try to climb the minaret, you will find hundreds of cards added to your deck. Choose the cards that can work together to effectively allocate enemies and reach the top. The ever-changing minaret: Every time you embark on a trip to the minaret, the layout will be different every time. Choose an adventurous or safe path, face different enemies, choose different cards, discover different artifacts, and even fight against different leaders! Powerful cultural relics that can be found: powerful objects called cultural relics can be found throughout the minaret. The effects of these artifacts can greatly enhance your deck through powerful interactions. But beware, acquiring cultural relics may cost you more than gold.

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How to play

  "Killing Spire" is a game that combines roguelike and deck building. At the beginning of the game, players must first choose a character. Each character has different characteristics, with its character skills, exclusive card types, and so on. The goal of the game is to explore the tower from the bottom to the top. There are several large floors in the game. There will be many tree-like branch routes on each floor. Different routes may encounter various events, such as fighting monsters, resting at the campfire, and Merchants conduct transactions, random events, etc. A boss will appear at the end of each floor, and you can enter the next floor after winning the battle.

  The battle system of the game is turn-based. Each round, players will draw a fixed number of hands and get a fixed energy value. Each card needs to consume a different energy value when used. As long as the activation conditions are met, the player can play the hand at will or not use the hand card. End the round directly. When the player ends the round, all unused cards in the hand will be sent to the discard pile. When all the cards in the draw push are used up, the discard push will reshuffle the cards and return them to the draw pile. There are many types of cards in the game, mainly with two characteristics: "color" and "type". The color represents which character the card belongs to, and the type represents the effect type of the card. For example, the "attack" type of card will directly cause damage to the enemy; the "skill" card is auxiliary and will not cause immediate damage. Some skills Cards can increase the "box value" to reduce the damage received. Normally, the box value only works for one round, and some allow players to draw new cards; the effect of the "ability" card will continue to take effect in the battle. And it will disappear directly after use and will not enter the discard push; "Status" and "Curse" will cause us to suffer negative effects, such as dizziness, burns because such cards cannot be played under normal circumstances and the hand space is occupied. After winning each battle, you will get random money, cards, or potions. Besides, there is a "relic" system that has a significant impact on the battle situation. Relics can allow players to obtain various benefits, such as the automatic recovery of life after the battle is over, two more cards can be drawn at the beginning of the battle, and immunity to negative states. Each character will get an exclusive relic at the beginning of the game. Defeating enemies or participating in random events will also have the opportunity to obtain new relics. 

  The game also has the "randomness" of Roguelike. The maps, enemies, cards, and events at the beginning of each game are randomly generated. Also, once the battle dies, a new game can only be started from the beginning, and there is no way to go back. However, even failure may leave some permanent achievements, which are not worthless. After the battle is killed, the score will be settled, and the game's map exploration level and the number of kills will be scored. When a certain score is reached, new cards, items, and events will be unlocked. 

  In addition to the standard adventure mode, the game also provides a daily challenge mode, allowing players to use official characters or cards to take risks. The goal is to get higher scores and compete with other players.

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