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Disney Magic Kingdoms
Disney Magic Kingdoms
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 1.3 GB Version: 7.4.1c
Updated: Nov 21, 2022 Developer : Disney and released


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Disney Magic Kingdoms is a simulator game licensed by Disney and released by Gameloft SE in March 2016. Here you need to do is to complete a variety of magical tasks, and resist the forces of evil, to make Kingdoms full of life again, to create your dream Disney Kingdom!

In Disney Magic Kingdoms you can experience a fun story of good versus evil, extraordinary Disneyland attractions and classic characters spanning more than 90 years of Disney history. Use your wits and strength to save the kingdom and battle the forces of evil!

Interesting story of good versus evil: The story takes place in a kingdom where magic is one of the foundations for the survival of the kingdom. Suddenly one day Maleficent cast an evil spell on the kingdom, resulting in the disappearance of the kingdom's magic, and Mickey Mouse as the protector of the kingdom will take up the important task of saving the kingdom, and it also needs your help. And Mickey Mouse together to complete the magic task, and the evil forces to fight with wisdom, restore the kingdom of magic as soon as possible!

Unusual Disneyland Attractions: Build a Disneyland with over 170 attractions! Including real attractions from Disney World, such as Space Mountain, Little World, etc. In addition to this, there are also unique attractions from the classic Disney movies, such as Snow White, the Little Mermaid and so on.

Spanning more than 90 years of Disney history of classic characters: and Mickey, the big-eyed monster, Elsa and Ariel and other classic characters from Disney films to complete more than 1500 magical tasks. Battle evil villains such as Ursula, Gaston and Jafar.

Relive the thrill of Disney Parks in Disney Magic Kingdom and create the most fantastical park of your dreams! 

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How to play

Welcome to Disney Magic Kingdoms! The kingdom was cast by Maleficent under an evil spell, so that it lost all the powerful magic, you can help him recover?

If you want to restore the magic of the kingdom, then you need the help of magic potions. There are several ways to get magic potions: 1, you can get magic potions and diamonds by completing quests and events, 2, you can get magic potions by having each character complete the corresponding quests, and 3, you can exchange gems for magic potions. In the game, building, unlocking quests, purifying dark magic and reclaiming land all require a lot of magic potions, so at the beginning of the game there is a great shortage of magic potions. The current solution to the lack of magic potion can only rely on the construction of buildings to solve, or let Mickey, Woody or Goofy do the task plus the Ferris wheel and Mickey's hut can to a certain extent solve the problem of insufficient magic potion. Of course if you are a kryptonite player, kryptonite is probably the easiest and fastest way.

In Disney Magic Kingdoms has more than Disney among the classic characters, like Peter Pan, Nemo and the Lion King and so on. The selection of characters is relatively small at first, but as the game progresses you can unlock more characters. When you use a character to complete its corresponding magic tasks, you can get experience and a certain number of magic potions. You can use tokens to unlock or upgrade characters, and you can also use gems to unlock advanced characters and attractions so that you can get better results when you use these characters to complete quests.

The difficulty of this game is not really difficult, but there is a certain waiting time for various tasks, and the waiting time can be as little as a minute or as much as an hour. Therefore, in the course of the game, you should also pay more attention to the time, interspersed with a variety of tasks with time differences, reasonable allocation of time.

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