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Evony: The King's Return
Evony: The King's Return
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 693.5 MB Version: 4.37.0
Updated: Dec 12, 2022 Developer : TG Inc.


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Evony: The King's Return is a real-time strategy game combining warfare, strategy and nurturing released by TG Inc. in August 2016. Evony: The King's Return has become one of the top strategy games of 2022!

There are currently seven different civilizations in the game: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabian, and Japanese! You can choose your favorite civilization from these seven civilizations as the architectural style of your country. Each region has some unique features that you can experience in the game.

In Evony: The King's Return, you will no longer play a single role, you can join an alliance as a diplomat, communicate with your allies, discuss countermeasures and cooperate against the enemy! You can act as a warlord with over four different types of soldiers for you to train and use. As you engage in battle with the enemy, you can watch the battle scenes in real time on the world map. You can act as an interior officer, you need to manage your city, deploy resources and research technology to develop your military to gain strategic advantage. As a king, you can recruit famous generals from history to fight for you, such as Julius Caesar, George Washington, King Arthur, Genghis Khan and Nobunaga Oda, to name a few. You can also capture enemy generals in the battlefield and turn them to fight for you.

Remember! Your only goal is to upgrade, research, build and expand your territory until one day you can become the most powerful force on the whole continent!

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Evony: The King's Return is a real-time strategy MMO that is both challenging and strategic in its gameplay, and there is much more to it than meets the eye.

In the game, your goal is to build an empire and keep upgrading, researching, building and expanding your territory until you become the most powerful force on the continent. But in the process, you will inevitably threaten the position of other countries, and therefore will be attacked by other countries. So you need to develop strategies to ensure the proper development of your country.

First you need to play several roles, as a diplomat you need to form alliances with other powers or countries to seek refuge. As a warlord you need to train a strong army to deal with the attacks of other countries. As an interior officer you need to handle the affairs of the country, allocate resources and research technology to further improve military power. As a king you need to recruit a good general and train him to become a fearsome general in the battlefield. In addition to recruiting, you can also capture and turn a general from another country on the battlefield and make him a powerful general under you.

Once you have built and upgraded your castle, you can start your adventure and enter the ruins to find the legendary treasures. This part of the game is very interesting and challenging at the same time. If you want to develop your country quickly, then you have to try to solve these puzzles. There are many different kinds of puzzles, thousands of them, and if you can solve all of them, then I believe that you are not far from the goal of becoming the strongest master on the whole continent!

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