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Need for Speed Most Wanted
Need for Speed Most Wanted
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OS/Platform: PlayStation Xbox Android Ios
Size: 19MB Version: 1.3.128
Updated: Dec 20, 2018 Developer : ELECTRONIC ARTS


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"Need for Speed: Most Wanted" is an open-world racing game produced by British development company Criterion Games and released by Electronic Arts in 2012. It is the 17th work in the Need for Speed series. The game was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android platforms, and landed on the Wii U platform in 2013. The game received the "Most Wanted" copyright instead of the "Hot Track" previously developed by Criterion Games.

Need for Speed: The most wanted positive reviews are focused on the world map that combines the previous "Burnout" and "Needs for Speed" game styles and social functions, while criticism falls on its single-player game mode. After its release, the game won multiple awards, including the 2012 Spike Video Game Best Driving Game Award, and was nominated as "Best British Game" and "Best Online Multiplayer Game" in the 2013 BAFTA Awards. It has been recognized as "the best driving/racing game of 2012" by several outlets many times.

The Best Store of APP in 2012! Thanks to all our fans for making "Wanted" one of the hottest songs of the year.

"The street racer that iOS devices have been waiting for" (PocketGamer, 9/10 Gold Award)

"It pushes the mobile platform to its maximum limit, even without sweat" (Capsule Computer)

Fasten your seat belt and keep it tight; you are working hard for your life. In the most dangerous "Need for Speed" so far, overtake the police, overtake the opponent, overtake the friend. Do you dare to be the most wanted criminal?

Game mode

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is similar to other works in the Need for Speed series, and the theme is still racing That is, the player drives the car from one point to the intended destination. The police officers, who have been on a two-year -long vacation, join the game again. The police use corresponding strategies and police cars to hunt down speeding drivers in order to slow down or control the car. Due to the deep modification of the car and the addition of the nitrogen and oxygen acceleration device to the automatic replenishment function (added at high speed, released by Alt or x), the speed of the game is greatly improved and the scene is tense and exciting.

Mode of career

Career mode begins with a flashback episode. The scene of the street racing between the "razor" and the player "Eddie". Soon after, the plot suddenly fell back to Eddie's encounter with Sheriff Cross on the Rockport urban road, but it happened that Cross received a notice that he needed emergency support, and Eddie escaped. After the player used the car to defeat Lonnie and met the blacklisted driver here, Razor and Mia discussed how to want this "money"-unfortunately, it is not money, it is Eddie's BMW. Cross and the police car rounded up the protagonist. When they were sent to the police station, they were rescued directly by Mia because Eddie had no car and was acquitted. He asked him to resume his racing career, buy a new car in the garage, and receive a notice to go to the garage. Mia told him that only by completing the race and bounty would he have a chance to compete with the racer in the final. 

Mode of competition

Most Wanted offers a range of race modes to choose from, mostly a combination of racing and police car pursuit. In career mode, players must complete some games and reach some during the police chase"Milestones" and obtaining a certain bounty is enough to qualify for the next driver on the blacklist. After the player arrives at a specific location on the map, he can start the game. The route of the game is determined by the task and is fixed.

In career mode, players are given many new features. Such as getting the cars off the beaten blacklisted drivers, bonus features, special upgrade components, and so on. These are optional after defeating a blacklisted driver and hiding after six cards. Of course, as the career mode progresses, regular new parts and new cars are automatically unlocked.

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How to play

Free driving

Free to drive in Need for Speed: Fairhaven City, the most wanted one, drive freely.

There will be carjacking spots, competitions, police, and people on the road.

Police car chase

If you are speeding on the road, hitting the police, or being hit by the police, you will all be wanted by the police, and the highest wanted level is level six (some races will also be wanted by the police).

Level 1: The police will follow the wanted person and chase the wanted person.

Level 2: There will be more police cars behind and there will be roadblocks.

Level 3: There will be muscle police cars behind and there will be SUV roadblocks.

Level 4: There will be off-road police cars behind and there will be SUV roadblocks.

Level 5: There will be a sports car-type police car at the back. The police car will put a thorn band in front of the wanted person, and the roadblock will use the police car and use the thorn band.

Level 6: There will be armored vehicles of the special service team as roadblocks and chase. The collision will cause the player's vehicle to crash.

If you hit more cars, you will increase your SP (you have to escape the pursuit to get it).

Most Wanted competition

You can win the car and SP if you want to defeat the infinite tracking and stop the car in the infinite tracking.

Ordinary game

Players can participate in the competition to unlock the modified parts of the car.

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