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True Skate
True Skate
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OS/Platform: Android Ios
Size: 82.84MB Version: 1.5.56
Updated: Dec 21, 2022 Developer : True Axis


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True Skate is a thrilling skateboarding game that offers players an authentic and immersive virtual skateboarding experience. Developed by True Axis, this mobile game allows players to step onto a digital skateboard and perform realistic tricks in beautifully designed skate parks. With its intuitive controls, realistic physics, and stunning visuals, True Skate has captured the hearts of skateboarding enthusiasts and gaming aficionados alike.

True Skate's realistic gameplay and attention to detail are what captivate players the most. The game offers a true-to-life skateboarding experience right at players' fingertips. From the sensation of pushing off the ground to executing flips, grinds, and slides, every move feels incredibly authentic. The precise touch-based controls enable players to master various tricks and maneuvers, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

The game's commitment to realism extends to its skate park designs. True Skate features meticulously crafted environments inspired by real-life skate parks, each offering unique challenges and obstacles to conquer. The immersive graphics and smooth animations further enhance the sense of immersion, making players feel like they are actually on a skateboard.

True Skate was initially released in [mention year], and since then, it has gained a dedicated fan base and continued to evolve. While specific details about the number of versions are not available, True Skate has received regular updates and expansions, introducing new skate parks, tricks, challenges, and features to keep players engaged and the gameplay experience fresh.

True Axis, the talented developers behind True Skate, have also created other notable games. One of their popular titles is Jet Car Stunts, a thrilling racing game that combines high-speed driving and challenging platforming elements. Jet Car Stunts offers exhilarating gameplay and unique race tracks that test players' driving skills and precision.

Additionally, True Axis has developed other acclaimed titles, including Rollabear, a delightful physics-based platformer featuring adorable bears, and True Surf, a captivating surfing simulation game that replicates the excitement and challenges of riding ocean waves.

In conclusion, True Skate sets the standard for virtual skateboarding, delivering a realistic and immersive experience for players. The game's attention to detail, intuitive controls, and authentic skate park designs capture the essence of skateboarding. With regular updates and expansions, True Skate continues to provide new content and features, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. True Axis's dedication to creating compelling games is further showcased in their other titles, such as Jet Car Stunts, Rollabear, and True Surf. Strap on your virtual skateboard, explore stunning skate parks, and embrace the thrill of skateboarding in True Skate.

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How to play

1. Master the Basics: Start by familiarizing yourself with the game's controls and mechanics. Practice performing basic tricks, such as ollies, kickflips, and grinds, to build a foundation for more advanced maneuvers.

2. Explore Skate Parks: True Skate offers a variety of beautifully designed skate parks to conquer. Take the time to explore each park, study its layout, and discover potential lines and trick opportunities. Pay attention to ramps, rails, and obstacles, and plan your runs accordingly.

3. Link Tricks and Combos: To maximize your score, aim to link tricks and create seamless combos. Combine flip tricks, grabs, and grinds in creative sequences, while maintaining your balance and flow. Experiment with different combinations to achieve high-scoring combos and showcase your style.

Features of the Game's Characters and Levels

True Skate focuses on providing an authentic skateboarding experience, with a strong emphasis on gameplay mechanics rather than character progression. The game does not have individual playable characters. Instead, players embody their own skater persona, expressing their style through skillful tricks and impressive runs.

As for the levels, True Skate offers a variety of meticulously designed skate parks. From realistic street spots to sprawling skate plazas, each level presents unique challenges and opportunities. Explore famous locations and discover hidden gems as you push your skateboarding limits.

One of the most challenging aspects of True Skate is mastering complex trick combinations with precision and timing. For example, executing a "360 Hardflip Late Flip to Nose Slide" requires precise finger movements and split-second timing.

To perform this trick, you must first initiate a 360-degree rotation by swiping diagonally across the screen. As your board spins, execute a Hardflip by swiping horizontally, followed by a Late Flip by swiping upward just before the board completes its rotation. Finally, land the trick onto a rail or ledge, transitioning smoothly into a Nose Slide.

This combination demands a high level of skill, timing, and coordination to execute successfully. Mastering such complex tricks not only showcases your expertise but also unlocks new possibilities for creativity and high-scoring runs.

In conclusion, True Skate offers an immersive skateboarding experience that rewards skill, strategy, and creativity. With its realistic physics and precise controls, the game challenges players to push their limits and master complex trick combinations. Explore beautifully designed skate parks, link tricks to create impressive combos, and unleash your skateboarding skills. True Skate is a haven for skateboard enthusiasts and a testament to the exhilaration and artistry of this dynamic sport.

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