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Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars
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OS/Platform: PC Android Ios
Size: 368.05 MB Version: 48.326
Updated: Mar 8, 2023 Developer : Supercell


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   Brawl Stars is a team-competitive mobile game developed by Supercell, Finland. And it is a 3V3 competitive mobile game. According to different map mechanisms to compete, players will operate the heroes in Brawl Stars.

   The game team has designed a variety of game modes, combined with a variety of popular gameplay while shaping their own characteristics and a great variety of combat maps so that it has become a rich mobile game. In their main 3V3 gem competition mode, players need to work together with their teammates to seize the jewel and beware of the enemy's counterattack. The player should fight with the other nine enemies on his own until he becomes the final winner. It is even possible to play a 3V3 football match in the midst of gunfire, and the speed of the transformation came as a surprise. These are extremely test players' mastery of heroes, the release of skills, departure, and understanding of the map, each small mistake can affect the entire war situation.

   Starting in May 2020, the themed season (for a period of 70 days) replaced the original treasure box system. The original treasure box system was to get medals to unlock the box, while the themed season was to collect medals to get treasure boxes, heroes, emojis, gold coins, gems, and so on. Players can win medals in the pool by fighting. Additional medals can also be obtained by completing the themed season. The medals will be used to unlock ticket awards, including a variety of treasure boxes, gold coins, hero energy, and emoji kits. (you can get a medal for the completion of the task). Players can also extract gold coins, double medals, and hero promotion points in the treasure box, hero points can be upgraded hero points. Players can join the team (up to 100 people) to play games with other players, or they can add other players as friends and play together.

   The unlocked hero of Brawl Stars can be divided into four ways: the promotion reward of honor road; the probability of obtaining in the treasure box; the purchase of precious stones; and the reward of paragraph 30 of the gold voucher of the random fight. And the rare degree of hero is from high to end: the road of splendor, legend, myth, epic, super rare, rare, honor. Among them, the raffle hero is the hero whose rarity will change with the replacement of the themed season. At the end of each theme season, the rarity of colorful heroes drops by an equal level until it reaches epic rarity.

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How to play

Gem hegemony

Mecha attack

Mecha attack is the mode of 3V3 confrontation. Each side of the battle has a multifunctional Battery, the position of the Battery is fixed, will automatically attack the nearest enemy within the scope, causing very high damage. A bolt is refreshed every few seconds in the middle of the map, and the bolt can be obtained after picking and holding it for a few seconds. At the end of the countdown, a team with more bolts will create humanoid armor. The machine armor will attack the enemy's multifunctional Battery. The one who takes the lead in destroying the multifunctional Battery of the other party wins, if neither side succeeds in destroying the Battery, it will judge the victory or defeat with the amount of residual blood left in the Battery, and the remaining blood volume will be a draw if the amount of remaining blood is the same

Cultivation system

In addition to intense and exciting fast-paced combat, it is the combination of cultivation and combat. In terms of cultivating content, the benefits of the game are very good. Open the box free of charge every day, and then a large box will be opened regularly, the demand that the player wants is included. With the increase in the number of competitive cups, heroes will be unlocked unconditionally. That is to say, as long as the players are lucky enough, they can develop all kinds of heroes without flowers. Of course, the more heroes you unlock, the greater you get the randomness of hero shards.

In order to increase the player's experience and sense of achievement, the game set a "main plot". It is that the number of cups collected gradually increased, it will unlock a variety of new functions and benefits, but also increase the player's sense of achievement.

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