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Bully: Anniversary Edition
Bully: Anniversary Edition
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OS/Platform: PlayStation Android Ios
Size: 2.4G Version:
Updated: Dec 5, 2018 Developer : War Drum Studios


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Bully: Anniversary Edition is a campus-themed role-playing game, originally a PS5 video game, after optimizing the version to become a mobile game, in terms of graphics, based on the resolution of the original version to upgrade, and the use of dynamic lighting to strengthen the lighting effect, greatly improving the overall quality of the picture, in the visual effect has been a large The visual effect has been improved. The handheld version was not well received by everyone before its release, but in fact the game is more fun than many people thought, presented in a more gentle way compared to the previous.

In Bully: Anniversary Edition you will play as a 15-year-old troubled teenager, and since your mother is going on a honeymoon with your stepfather, they decide to send you to a boarding school named Bulworth in the face of your troubled teenager, who has been expelled many times. Although you do not want to come to this school, but in the face of your mother's determined attitude you have to compromise, when you step into this school, the story will also officially open the prologue.

There are many different gangs in the game, and they are in a delicate balance, but with your arrival, this balance begins to gradually disintegrate. In the course of the game, you will meet a lot of new friends, some are real friends, while some have ulterior motives, you can tell the difference? You will meet all kinds of girls at school and choose whether to have a romantic date with them? You will face the bullying of teachers or classmates, at this time you will hold back, or fight back? You will conduct various experiments in class, or compete with your classmates to see who can dissect a frog the fastest in biology class?

Will you be able to make it through the year at Bulworth School in the face of its complex environment?

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How to play

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a role-playing single-player game, each level has a different task, all we have to do is to play a good adolescent violent boy, Rooney's classic line is that violence can not solve the problem, but can solve the guy who created the problem, so in the game our main task is also mainly to defeat which bullies school bully, and occasionally help their friends. Occasionally help their friends.

The first step is to find the bedroom and change your school uniform so you can run around the campus unhindered.

Before each level of the game begins you will see a video telling the story line, from which we learn what your main task is in this level, and then we can go to complete this task.

Into the game inside our upper right corner is a circular radar map, you can follow the red indication points on the map to reach the location where you need to complete the task to carry out the task. Sometimes it is to help students, but there are also some tasks to destroy public property and attack students. In any case, you can pass the level after you reach the red location for the task and complete it.

The left arc of the map is your health value, you can buy vending machine drinks on the line to restore, the right is your guilt value, when your guilt value is low when the game's ordinary NPCs will not attack you, but if you have been attacking ordinary NPCs will raise the guilt value, will cause others to attack, so bullying pedestrians feel good about your guilt value, careful to be rounded up.

In the game you can complete tasks to get some tools and weapons, so that the face of those who can not fight the bullies can have a fight. In short, this game has many ways to play, you need to dig yourself.

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