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Loop Hero
Loop Hero
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OS/Platform: PC
Size: 200MB Version: PC
Updated: March 5, 2021 Developer : Four Quarters


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Loop Hero is an electronic role-playing adventure strategy game developed by Four Quarters, and an even better one, which succeeds because it can repeat the game cycle through gameplay, storyline and even meta-angle. It's an absolute beast that could easily tear players to shreds, but thanks to simple gameplay that takes full advantage of set building, automated combat and experimentation, it ensures that everyone will shine for designing the best worlds each run. Conducting a gorgeous demo that perfectly introduces the classic early RPG, you can easily own one of the best games of the year. A brand new twist on the rogue class, a cycle indeed that you will gladly want to explore again and again ......

Loop Hero works within the processing range of an 80s PC, rather than capturing your imagination at a glance. The reason for this lies in the game's key design principle: in more ways than any other RPG we've seen, Loop Hero takes direct control away from the player.

Surprising depth and strategy in a seemingly "automatic" game

Clever, cryptic dialogue and beautifully drawn portraits support a compelling plot

Once you get hooked on the game's open-ended challenges, new professions and abilities bring even more potential to the game

Lo-fi sound design takes full advantage of outdated sound chip technology in both the music and vampire voices in a mesmerizing and truly engaging way

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How to play

The Wyrm has plunged the world into a never-ending cycle of endless chaos for all.

The game is a mysterious, ever-expanding stack of cards that set the enemies, buildings, and terrain for the heroic heroes in each unique cycle of adventure.

Players can acquire and equip heroes of different professions with power-ups to kill enemies and expand survivor camps, further enhancing the heroes' security for each adventure in the cycle. As you embark on your journey, you can also unlock new professions, new cards, new skills, and bizarre daemons to help you smash the infinite cycle of suffering.

Endless Adventures: Before embarking on each randomly generated cyclic quest, draw from a handy combination of unlocked characters, professions and cards! Each adventure is different from the one before it!

Far-reaching planning: strategically place buildings, terrain, and enemy cards for each quest to create unique and difficult paths. You'll need to balance the different decks to find valuable loot to bring back to the survivor camps while surviving the hardships.

Fight and upgrade: You can defeat scary monsters, collect powerful loot and unlock new skills along the way.

Expand your camp: Convert your hard-earned production materials into camp upgrades and gain valuable support with each completed cycle of the quest.

Save the Lost World: Need to defeat one evil guard leader after another in a grand adventure epic to save the world from the fire and finally break the witch-demon time loop!

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